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Last Day At Work For The Year

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Soooo so happy. Today was my last day of work for the year. Very happy to have two weeks “off”. On those two off weeks I plan on writing. My progress right now:

Must Write 2012-2013 Project
18,448/75,000 words

Had an interesting day. My main job called me after work to say there may be an opportunity in the new year. The problem is that it will be a big commitment for not so much money. But it will be more money than what I have now which is needed. The commitment and pressure though will be immense, and I have this thing where I need my life to be balanced. I do like to have time to come home, relax, not worry, spend some time with my family and at the moment I’m enjoying writing at night. I’m also trying to get fit and healthy (ugh, again). I don’t think I would want to stuff that lifestyle up for any amount of money.

I would do it for writing. If I had to, if I could, I would write day and night and hibernate to make my dream come true.

My current day job is not my dream.

It is a fantastic opportunity though if they are able to offer it to me. It would be great on my resume. And it wouldn’t be such a bad job if there were more support staff, but basically I would be working insane hours trying to do twenty different jobs for only an OK wage.

So I guess I need to make it clear if the opportunity does arise that I am happy to do over time every now and again but I am not doing 12-15 hour days every day. I know they can’t afford to pay me what I’d want for that.

Anyway, now that I am on holidays I don’t even want to think about the day job. I’m going to write write write, and run run run. Oh, and some where in all that I need to clean the house to impress my mum who is flying in from America. This is her first Australian Christmas in 10 years! And it’s stinking hot! Ha ha ha, it’s going to be great.

If you are interested, here is a post I wrote on some of my experiences of Christmas in Japan.


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