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Brandon Sanderson’s University Classes For Writing

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The internet is fantastic, I’m so glad that I am living in this age (even if I do often dream about the past and fantastical worlds). One valuable resource out there is Scott Ashton – a former student of awesome writer Brandon Sanderson. He is putting up on the web Sanderson’s lectures. Check out his website.  Here’s the first part of the first class –

When I was at universtiy I studied under Gary Crew, an Australia young adult and children’s author. While not as well known internationally, it was still an awesome experience. I liked that the classes (I took several!) were relevent to people actually wanting to be authors, and not just “literary fiction” – I say this as I have heard, for instance, many university art classes turn up their nose at fantasy illustration even though there is a huge market for it and what many people are interested in doing.

I’ve also heard many the professional author turn their nose up at studying the craft at university. I say poo poo to them. Where else can you meet someone who is actively trying to help you improve your writing? Where else will you meet like minded people? Sure, maybe you would learn more on your own without haveing to do assignments that aren’t relevent to what you want to be doing. But it is a place where you are inspired to keep moving forward, where as on your own you may be more likely to give up.

Now with the internet, it is easier to have complete a course on line and meet like minded people. Thanks Scott for the wonderful resource!


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