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My Future Home: – Himeji Jo

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Carlie's Future Home

Install some central heating and furniture and I think I’d be happy to call Himeji Jo home. Our day at Himeji was our first, and perhaps with the exception of Hakone our only really cold day. A real chill to the air, and windy too. It didn’t help walking down drafty corridors with our shoes off. After our time in the castle we enjoyed a hot chocolate from a vending machine, and I bought some ear muffs and gloves in Kobe and a jacket back in Osaka.

Here’s a video I’ve compiled of our time in Himeji, featuring getting locked in toilets and chasing cats. It’s not as exciting as I just made it out to be…

So yes, Himeji was cold yet pretty!

Castle unzoomed Castle zoomed

Before we went into the castle we saw some cats. Stray cats? I’m not sure but I guess so. I haven’t really looked into it for more information.

A thing of great beauty. And Himeji Jo So big and so high

There is a recommended path to walk around the grounds, and my awesome sense of direction made it so that we went in the complete opposite direction to that. The castle itself is awesome! You take off your shoes and put them into a bag, and then put on the castle slippers. I do not recommend the slippers. The stairs are so steep I felt like I was going to fall. I had to take off the slippers.

himejihandout himejiticket

I didn’t get the Japanese language hand out but if I remember correctly it was the same as the English one. This is compared to Osaka Jo where the different languages were different.

wash the dirty hands

Where I got my knee wet. After I had trouble getting out of the toilet. See video above for more details.



OK, so Himeji Jo needs central heating, furniture, and glass in it’s windows before it is more perfect. I’m not too picky, am I?



“No Scribbles” makes perfect sense to me. Graffiti, after all, can be art. Scribbles, could be a word to describe graffiti that is not. How ever, when I am Goddess of Himeji Jo, I will change the signs to “No Doodles”.


corridor to....

And through this corridor we exit Himeji….


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