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My First Castle – Osaka Jo, Osaka

Posted by on Feb 14, 2009 in Travel | 10 comments

osaka jo

On our first day in Japan we ate some sukiya for breakfast and headed down (up? across? over?) to Osaka Jo.


It’s a great walk to Osaka Jo. We came in from the west entry. The moat was beatiful, some was water, some grass.

osakajomoat osakajogate

Osaka Castle is really stunning from the outside. Inside is a museum and on the top floor you get a 360 degree view of Osaka. There is an elevator to get to the top, however I walked up the stairs (exercise is good!). The view up the top is worth the climb.

osakajofishy osakajoview

After our climb to the top we sat on a bench in the garden and ate some ice cream. A Japanese man came up to us to have a chat in English. I have to say, his English was pretty good. He had been to Australia and Canada, and showed us some maps of the places he’d been. Nice man, we told him we were going to Nara and he talked about the deer. He also showed us his phrase book and opened it up to a page on swear words (unintentionally!) I want a copy of that phrase book.

English handout Japanese Handout entrance ticket

I think it is interesting to see the different between the English and Japanese handout. The English one is nice and professional, where as the Japanese one is fun and cute. Also, to enter the castle we bought our ticket at a vending machine. Gotta love vending machines!

osakajogrease1 osakajogrease2

Walking around the grounds of the castle was very peaceful. I think, perhaps, we were lucky to go there on a day when there wasn’t a huge crowd.

After we exited we went to the Brava Theatre to stand next to the building where my future husband Ikuta Toma was at that very moment performing as Danny in Grease. *sigh* I wish I had tickets…

Brava Theatre in Google Maps

And thus was my first visit to Osaka Jo and the end of my first morning in Japan!


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  1. Saitoko

    Yay! OsakaJo! ^_^ I just posted a few new pics from the Plum Garden there recently! Since it’s pretty close by where I live, I visit often and it makes such a great escape from my super densely packed neighborhood! ^_^

    Ikuta Toma…hee heee! I’m in love with his opposite in Maoh – The ever creepy but oh-so-alluring Satoshi Ohno! ^_^

    • GoddessCarlie

      I have gained respect for Ohno since Maou, I now understand the attraction to him.

      I like how Japan has a lot of spots in its cities that are park land and peaceful compared to the very dense cities.

  2. Jamaipanese

    quite an experience I can bet!

  3. Hao

    I love Osaka castle and hope I can visit again on Spring or Winter since the e-hagaki that I bought were damn pretty. 懐かしい~!

    I’ll definitely blog about Osaka castle, glad that you met a fine lad too!

    Be careful about deers in Nara, they’re a national threat to Your Food and can smell it miles away ^^;


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