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Hearton Hotel, Shinsaibashi, Osaka – Review

Posted by on Feb 5, 2009 in Travel | 3 comments

(view from our window in the hotel)

Hearton Hotel

Room: heartheartheartheart
Service: heartheartheartheart
Location: heartheartheartheartheart
Price: heartheartheart
Overall Rating: heartheartheartheart

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We took the north exit from the Nankai Line Namba Station. We got on to the main road and walked along it on the left side. If you hit the Hotel Nikko, you’ve gone one street too far. Note that there are two Hearton Hotels on this street, we went to the wrong one first! In the google map street view above, our one was on the left. Coming off the main street it’ll be the one on your right. If you go to the wrong one, don’t worry – I was tired and couldn’t understand a word they were saying, and so they walked us across the road :)


Room: heartheartheartheart

The room was pretty good. It was small, but I wouldn’t need any more space when all I am doing is sleeping and showering. My main complaint is the bed and pillow… It was pretty uncomfortable and hard, however, after experiencing the rest of our hotels, this was the best bed of the whole trip.

osaka_hearton-07 osaka_hearton-06

The bathroom had a toilet with all the little buttons on it. The mirror had a spot on it that didn’t fog up when you had a shower.

osaka_hearton-05 osaka_hearton-04
either this bathroom is small or I’m HUGE!



Service: heartheartheartheart

No complaints here about service really. The staff were friendly if not that talkative to us. The room got cleaned. One day when we decided not to have our room cleaned, they politely asked us if everything was OK, just checking up on us. All was good.


Location: heartheartheartheartheart

Location was awesome. Right near everything, close to the train station, closer to the subway. Food, shopping… Everything.


Price: heartheartheart

We paid 10000円 a night for two people, it was on sale from 11000円. Which is alright, and in retrospect this was perhaps our best hotel. How ever, I think if I had shopped around a bit more I could have found a better deal. That said, I would pay that price again for the hotel because it was worth it…


Overall Rating: heartheartheartheart

Really great hotel, highly recommended!

plus Location was awesome. Room was good, had everything needed.
minus Bed and pillows were hard. Maybe a bit pricey, but not too much so…

Me getting sexy in the provided yukata. They obviously make these ugly so no one steals them.

Get the most up-to-date prices and book into this hotel through their website. – which is in English and easy as pie to use. (Is pie easy to use?)


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  1. Mark

    Glad you liked the hotel. It’s my hotel of choice in Osaka. (both the Heartons in Osaka are good, don’t let the taxi drivers take you to the wrong one); well central, cheap and close to everything.
    The capsule hotel in Shinsaibashi is another good place to crash.

  2. Ti Chan

    Hi Carlie, like your review on Hearton hotel! Did you remember whether the hotel has air con in the room? I’m going there in summer and of course air con is a key consideration ^^ Thanks in advance!

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