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A Night In Osaka

Posted by on Mar 3, 2009 in Travel | 6 comments

Osaka - the running man

I love Osaka at night. We were staying at Dotonbori and it is just awesome at night. Lots of people, bright lights, loud noises. Great food, and not so great food… Warning, lots of photos in this post!

Here’s a video of us coming back to our hotel room after riding the Hep 5 Ferris Wheel, and some of Osaka at night.

View from our hotel

After a little rest from all the excitement of the day, the sun set and it was time to go out for some food and excitement. The above photo was our view from our hotel, the Hearton Hotel as the sun went down.


There are these long covered streets that go on forever filled with shops! It is a shopper’s dream. Too bad I was with non-shoppers and didn’t have as much money as I would have liked thanks to a bad exchange rate!

img_1610 img_1613

Uniqlo was recommended to us as a good cheap shop to go to to buy clothes. It actually reminded me of Cotton On, for those of us who live in a place where Cotton On is. Sort of generic plain clothing, but a huge store. Prices were so so as well. I mean, cheap in the way that Cotton On is cheap, not Supre cheap. Sorry I don’t have better examples but I can only explain things from my own world view!


At the circular bridge area after the shopping street and before the big food/lights area.



Well, I guess you could say this is the beginning of the big lights area.



The famous running man, the first photo in this post, was also here. This is where the first section of my video above was filmed.



One thing that I really noticed about Osaka was all the bikes! They were everywhere. Makes me :D because I am a bike person too. No, not motorbikes, push bikes.


img_1651 img_1696

I don’t have a photo of one, but the bikes here have stands that come down from both sides of the wheel, which is way better than them coming down from one side of the wheel like they do here. Bikes are always falling over here in Australia.



This was a line to one of the Takoyaki stands. Maybe the mistake I made when I ate takoyaki was that I didn’t line up here.



Big crab (note: lucky I proof read this) that moves. Aparently powered by bicycles. Wouldn’t surprise me.



In case you are unsure, we are now in the part with loud noises and lots of lights.



The way to advertise in Japan is to have bright flashing lights and loud music. Louder music, so you don’t get drowned out by the advertisement next to you.



Ramen. Mmmmm. I miss cheap, awesome, delicious ramen.



One great thing about obviously being a tourist/foreigner is that many people handing out flyers ignored us.



I most definitely recommend Osaka for a shopping enthusiast.



Hot food vending machine. Is actually a microwave that cooks frozen food. I wish we had more vending machines here in Australia, they are the best idea ever. I need an everything vending machine down the end of my street.



For dinner we had some yakisoba. Mmmmm.



Yes, I’m left handed.



And thus was our night adventures in Osaka! I was too exhausted to do much more – I had waaaaay too much excitement. :P If you want to see more awesome photos (huh) check out my Osaka gallery.


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  1. Jamaipanese

    I so want to experience this!

    thanks for sharing, great pictures!

  2. Hao

    Great collection of pictures, I love Osaka! You should definitely try the kaitenzushi stores near the big crab (yes proofread), delicious stuff!

    I’m also left-handed ^^, more like ambidextrous though, since I play most sports with my right hand and can’t use scissors for lefties XD

    • GoddessCarlie

      Sometimes I get confused with what hand I do things with if I think about it. One thing that really sucked was when I played softball at school, I would wear my glove on one hand, the opposite to what every one else wore, but that was also my strongest throwing hand. So I was never a star at softball!

  3. Dave Webb

    Can’t believe you posted about Osaka at night without noting that there are almost as many hosts and hostesses about (look for big, dyed hair) as regular people!

  4. Giuseppe Lowe

    Great collection of pictures, I love Osaka! You should definitely try the kaitenzushi stores near the big crab (yes proofread), delicious stuff!


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