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The Goings On

Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Life | 2 comments

I’m moving house… from a room to a house which is nice. That’s starting today, and from tomorrow I’m not sure when I’ll have an internet connection :P But I’m going to be studying and nanoing. In case anyone is interested I found a post this time last year and wow, I’m so happy with how far I’ve come. For one, reading manga is now (relatively) easy :D Also, for those interested here’s my apartment in Japan.

I thought, for those who are interested, here is the Japanese resources I have on hand with me at the moment, lost in my packing madness. I know I have some more at my dad’s but they are a bit more low priority. For instance I rememeber I have some JLPT 1 books that I got for like a $1 second hand a million years ago.

Anyway, books were super cheap in Japan and not knowing (at the time) when I’d be back I wanted to get enough reading and learning material to last me years. I have several text books in various difficulties for grammar, kanji, listening, reading and even speaking. I researched what books (fiction intended for native Japanese people) other language learners recommend and also got a few that seemed interesting to me and I would like to try. If you have any questions about my books feel free to ask. I’m sure I’ll get around to talking about them all eventually. I am a believer that you can never have to many books! Plus if I get bored or stuck in one book, I can give it a breather and go onto something else, instead of being stuck in a rut.

My manga collection is atleast double the size of this… Long live Book Off.

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Going Gung-ho – November 2009

Posted by on Nov 29, 2009 in Language | 14 comments

Progress Where did the time go? It’s been over a month since I last posted, and I’ll tell you where I’ve been. Right here on the computer! Since the 19th of October 2009, I’ve spent 89 hours studying Japanese.

Some of you may know nanowrimo – an event which takes part in November where you attempt to write 50,000 words in a month. My goal of November was something similar, I wanted to see if I could attempt to study for 100 hours during November. The outcome is I’ll probably just be a little short of 70 hours, but I’m pretty happy with that! Next month I’m aiming for 80 hours – it might be a bit harder because it’s the holiday season but we’ll see how I go!

What follows is a long breakdown of what I’ve been up to during November!

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Carlie’s Japanese Progress – March 2009

Posted by on Apr 1, 2009 in Language | 7 comments

March was an OK month in regards to my Japanese progress. Some of the activities I did include:

  • An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese
  • I have gone through chapter three of this but still need to do more review.

  • Reading Manga
  • I have read through two and a half volumes of manga. I finished the first four chapters of Hana Kimi and decided that was a “book” when it wasn’t the extended version :) From there I read a story called (from memory, it is packed now, more on that later…) “Love, Love..” I think I’m about 5 pages from finishing it but had to put it down. I was a bit over the main girl character crying all the time. Now I’m a chapter and a bit into “pichi pichi pitch” subtitled “Mermaid Melody”. Very cute, for a young audience so it is fairly easy to read.


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Learning Japanese Gets Genki: A Review

Posted by on Feb 27, 2009 in Language | 8 comments

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Genki is a very popular textbook, and it was this popularity that convinced me to make it the first text book I bought, and began my quest to learn Japanese. This was back sometime in 2005 and I was self studying. It was my first attempt at learning a language, apart from some years earlier in school in Italian and Japanese.

I went about learning Japanese by myself all wrong. I was excited about it, but didn’t really persue it as fully as I could of. I did not research how to learn languages, and when I got stuck on page 58, titled “Verb Conjugation” and didn’t understand, I didn’t go searching for an explanation elsewhere that would help me understand. And so I stopped learning Japanese. I didn’t exactly “give up”, it’s just that learning Japanese sort of fizzled out into the back ground and I didn’t pick up Genki again until the end of 2006 when I had decided I wanted to study Japanese at university.

Genki is a good text book, it is popular for a reason.
good It weeds out romaji very quickly and never uses only romaji. By lesson 3 you better know your hiragana and katakana!
good It has long, clear explanations of grammar points.
good The text book is set out clearly. The font is large, which is great for beginners trying to look at all the strokes in kanji characters.
good Lots of focus on exercises.
good Great focus on reading and writing, as well as grammar points.

However, there are some points that I didn’t like about Genki, in particular for those self studying.

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Eep… Must… Japanese… Now

Posted by on Feb 10, 2009 in Language | 2 comments

inter This morning for various reasons I sat in on one of Gakuranman’s free Edufire Japanese for Beginners Lessons. It was a bit of fun, a great reminder of what it was like to first be learning Japanese, and a bit of a way to see other people’s teaching styles, but mostly it was a huge kick in the face…. My Japanese is so rusty!!

If I was still in university it would still be another month away before it starts up again and before I would be actively studying. But that is no excuse now, as I’m out of university (actually… going to edufire reminds me of university, which is prob why I like it so much – all the stuff of university without assignments!!). What I need is to ship shape myself into action! I really have been slack.

So today I flicked through the text book and I’ve been working through what has built up in anki… If I clear out my deck tonight I want to add in a few more sentences from 2001 Kanji Odyssey – I’ve decided that I can’t do RtK on it’s own, I lose steam. So instead I’ve been alternating, depending on how I feel. Sometimes I’ll add KO to my deck, sometimes I’ll add RtK.

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