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Spew Shoku!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2009 in Life | 15 comments

給食. Kyushoku. School lunch. Some people love it. Not me. When it’s bad, it’s very very bad, and when it’s good it’s pretty bland. Lunch time is a time I fear at school… If you are curious about what school children eat in Japan, here is a collection of photos of school lunches…

I go to five schools, but from Monday onwards only four. At the school I’m leaving on Monday, it’s a sizable school of about 500 children. At this school I go to individual classrooms and eat lunch with only a class. It is my understanding that this is the usual in Japan, that students eat in their own classrooms.

The rest of my schools have 38 – 110 kids. It’s a bit unique in Japan, but at these schools we all eat in one room. I sort of end up at the same table all the time which is nice I guess.

I pay $2.40 for lunch at my primary schools and $2.80 for lunch at my middle school. Usually the money is collected monthly which i put in a nice little envelope. So it is cheap and good value for money – after all one of my complaints about it is that it is too much food!

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Pungent Hamburgers at the Kansai Airport

Posted by on Oct 21, 2009 in Life | 4 comments


While at the Kansai International Airport I thougt about having food. So I went over to the food stand. What to have, hmmm, so many choices. Should I have the ham and chadder cheese panini? Hmmm… something about that just doens’t sound right…

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Let’s Shopping!

Posted by on Sep 22, 2009 in Life | 4 comments


Let’s go shopping at the local grocery store! At my local you use baskets – either carry them or put them on the trolley. Luckily the grocery store is pretty close so I don’t have to buy large quantities of items at a time.

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A Night In Osaka

Posted by on Mar 3, 2009 in Travel | 6 comments

Osaka - the running man

I love Osaka at night. We were staying at Dotonbori and it is just awesome at night. Lots of people, bright lights, loud noises. Great food, and not so great food… Warning, lots of photos in this post!

Here’s a video of us coming back to our hotel room after riding the Hep 5 Ferris Wheel, and some of Osaka at night.

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I do not like green eggs and ham

Posted by on Feb 9, 2009 in Life | 12 comments


This month’s Japan Blog Matsuri is:


Yep, it’s as simple as that! I want to talk about trying new things! I’ve always been a bit of a fussy eater, but I prefer to think of it as I know what I like. Still, my food choices have changed over the years and I like to live with no regrets, so when I went to Japan this past November I was determined to eat takoyaki.

Balls For those not in the know, Takoyaki – たこ焼き – is octopus fried in batter, or as I like to interpret it, octopus balls. You can read more at wikipedia. It is served at a lot of street vendors around Osaka, and in other places I’m sure but that is where I saw the majority.

The thing is… I don’t like seafood. I do, however, like calamari and fish if it is deep fried and battered, such as in the meal of fish and chips. And, I wanted to experience something of Japanese culture that I couldn’t really back home. So, I was determined to have some takoyaki.

num num num Mmmmm... not

…. I did not like it.

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