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2013 Challenge….

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Life | 0 comments

New Years Resolutions.


Today I’ve been thinking about the future, lots of dreams.

Dreams don’t come true (generally) unless you work on them.

The general consensus with most people is that new years resolutions don’t work. In fact there is no better time to work towards your dreams than right now.

Let’s talk. Every summer for the past umteen years I have lost weight and gotten fit. Every winter I put most of it back on. It then takes me a couple of months to get my eating and exercise back in check to where I actually start losing weight. I want to stop the cycle. One way that I know works in the summer is I record somewhere what I eat and what exercise to do. So I had an idea to try and keep this up over winter. Then I had another idea to keep it all in a book that has dates so that I can see my progress, and I can use stickers for motivation.

Introducing my goal book.

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February Challenge: Workout 25 Days

Posted by on Jan 28, 2012 in Life | 0 comments

image from fumira.jp

It’s almost the end of January, so it’s time to start thinking about the new month ahead. All in all, January has been a good month health wise. I reached my goals and I’ve lost 4kg which is great. But this last week I’ve felt like I’ve done everything right, but nothing has moved. For February, I want to keep the momentum going and step it up a notch.


My Eating Habits

Diet is king when it comes to weight loss. Last month I kept my calories at 1300 or around that, and I averaged about 1 kg a week of loss each week. Fantastic! But the stall this week… While it’s only been a week and the plateau could be for a million reasons, but I think I would like to pull in the diet a bit more. And when I say diet, I mean it in the sense of “what I eat” not “what I don’t eat”. I’m working on food issues, such as emotional eating and over eating. And I am also currently restricting the amount I eat because I’m trying to lose weight. But my main focus is to ultimately have a healthy relationship with food.

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School Lunches – Australia, Japan, America

Posted by on Oct 13, 2010 in Life | 0 comments

The week has rolled around quickly, the way that life sometimes does.
Job interviews: 3
Jobs I have: 0

I have been watching Jamie Oliver try to revolutionise school lunches in American schools.

In Australia it was totally different for me. My mother would pack my lunch each day. It was often a sandwich, apple, and a packet of chips. Once a week mum would give me money to buy something from the tuckshop (from the word tucker, an Australia word to mean food). This is when I would have something like chicken nuggets or a chicken burger or something like this for lunch. So for me lunch was something I liked, a bit healthy but some treats too. Maybe not 100% healthy but I am seeing now that it was healthier than what a lot of others eat…

In Japan it was my first time eating provided lunch. It didn’t mesh well with me. Now that I’m not eating it I think back on it more fondly than what I did at the time. You can see an example of what kids in Japanese schools eat here, and I have more photos to come.

My major gripes with it was: lots of seafood. Lots of deep fried food. Large quantities of food. And I think overall it just didn’t mesh well with me somehow deep inside of not having the choice to eat what I wanted. I can definitely see the value in making children clean their plate. But as an adult it doesn’t mesh well with me. Plus, never having being in a situation like that, maybe that had something to do with it.

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Classic Engrish at Chinese Restaurant

Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in Life | 2 comments

Is it just me or does a good Engrish menu improve the quality of the food some what? Well, perhaps not, but it makes the dinning experience more entertaining.

The restaurant Soushuen was nothing to write home about, just your average Chinese restaurant with overly oily food, and I don’t think I’ll be going back, but the menu was a good source of entertainment.

To be fair, I guess A and R look somewhat similar. If one was just copying the spelling of a word based on it’s looks. I think this is something that really needs to be addressed better when learning English – how to spell. I’m not the words best spellers, but there is some “logic”, some rules to the way things are spelt in English – but students of English in Japan are barely taught them. Instead they rely on just “remembering” how things are spelt, same with pronunciation, you just “remember” (which is my job as a talking monkey, to pronounce words for them to remember). Now, if they were taught how words are put together (my goal for the grade 5 and 6ers starting from April, mwa ha ha ha, my evil plan is revealed) MERT would never be an issue.

/end rant. Sorry. This is supposed to be a fun light harted post about funny English. Let’s continue!

Now, this is better mistake. There is perhaps (with my pronunciation anyway) only a subtle difference between the words “rise” and “rice”.

A nice try for this one. I can see how this could be broken down to fam-mi-li or something, but if only they had learnt about the silent “e” and that us English speaking types would first read this as “fam-mile”.

Check out past Engrish articles and I look forward to sharing my next Engrish experience with you :)

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School Lunches Again

Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in Life | 0 comments

At the moment I eat school lunches with the children at school. I go to three primary schools and one middle school. My schools range from 32 kids to 110 kids, so at all my schools we eat in the one big lunch room area – usually at Japanese schools students eat at desks in their own rooms.

If you are curious to see what type of food is served at school lunches, keep on reading this post, and check out my earlier post as well.

This one was pretty good, but a lot of it. Rice with stuff in it, sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs and soup.


Alphabet soup. I was sitting with kids in grade one, and they liked to put a letter on their spoon and then yell out any letter they knew. Very cute. I had this one again not long ago and they would get a letter on their chopsticks and ask me what letter it was. Very tiring.

Also potato with a garlic coating. A ham and cucumber sandwich. Was actually afraid that this was going to be a ham and chestnut sandwich. Crazy, I know, but school lunches are always crazy. I was sure they said “kyuuri” – cucumber, and it made more sense, but I was worried they said “kuri” – chestnut. I had to eat salty chestnut in rice once, it was not a pleasant experience, soooo salty. I didn’t think it went at all. I was lucky this time.

Deep fried bread. My first experience with that. Wow. Waaay too much oil. I know, that’s deep fried for you, but… wow.

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