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Carlie’s Japanese Progress – August 2007

Posted by on Sep 2, 2007 in Language | 0 comments

carlie002OK, so August was a pretty pooey month all around. I was working so much at university plus I had just gotten a new job – it was all too much for me and I found I spent more time stressing than doing what I should have been doing! I decided to drop a subject at university which lifted that huge weight off my shoulders, and then spent the rest of the month trying to get back ahead of things. I think I’m there now, so expect September to be a more productive month both here and off line. :) (However, I’m in the process of upgrading my computer, I’m not sure how long I’ll be out of action here for that – I will have to install all my programs again, but the great news is I’ll be faster and I’ll have 800mb more of space! Woo hoo! This is comming up from not even 300mb space, so I wont know what to do with it all!)

Japanese for Everyone

At the begining of August I was half way through chapter 7. Now I have completed chapter 8 & 9 and I’m about to start chapter 10. I thought it would be harder than it was, but I think thanks to Anki and hearing a lot of what I was learning in dramas, a lot of it has sunk in.


Last month I had 233 cards. Now I have 359 cards (and I’m going to add some more today!) So I’ve added 126 cards, which is on average four cards a day. I think I’d like to try and bring that average up to around 6 cards a day. On average I’ve been getting them correct 84% of the time which isn’t bad.

As you can see, there really isn’t much to report for last month, but I will be using September to get back into the swing of things!

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Carlie’s Japanese Progress, July 2007

Posted by on Aug 1, 2007 in Language | 0 comments

carlie001 Here’s what I’ve been up to last month!

Pimsleur I:

I’m up to lesson 20. I’m haven’t listened to it for a week or so now, as my new job is closer to home (I used to listen to it as I walked to work, which was about a 30min walk, perfect!). I was finding it easier and easier, and perhaps moving too slow. I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to pick this up again while I’m at uni, so I might be stuck on this level for quite a while…

Japanese For Everyone:

This is the textbook I use at university (if it was up to me I I’d be using Genki). I’m currently half way through lesson 7. I really need to catch up in the workbook, I’m several lessons behind in that…


anki I know I used to talk about how great jMemorize is, and I still like jMemorize over other programs such as Supermemo etc. However, I have found a program that I love even better. It’s called Anki and it’s still in better, however it’s still in beta. I have been following the creator’s progress and I know that 0.3 will be awesome! I’ll be doing a review of this program soon, comparing it to jMemorize…

I’ve also been revising this month how I incorporate flash cards into my study. So, with the move to Anki, I’ve restarted with my cards. I have 233 cards currently, and over the next two weeks or so I’ll be releasing another download for everyone. :)

Japanese Readers:

I recently brought some Japanese Readers. They are beginner level – I was tossing up between buying Beginner and Upper Beginner. Now I’m glad I brought beginnger! I have 10 stories in total. They started off very easy. Even when I didn’t know a word I could guess from context. Now, the stories were very simple, with simple language and simple sentence structure. So while it was sooo exciting to be reading Japanese, it was also a bit of “This is sooo damn simple! This wouldn’t even be interesting to a child!” Then, after the first three books, it started getting harder. I can’t really read any more of them at the moment. My biggest problem is vocabulary. I know a fair few sentence structures because Japanese For Everyone moves so quickly, but I don’t know nearly enough words. I’ll keep working on it!!!

Other Things In July

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