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Zettai Kareshi – Episode Three – Review and Caps

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Zettai Kareshi
Episode 3
29th April 2008
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart
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Now that Riko owns Knight, she is paying him off on a simple payment plan. Of course she can’t afford him, so Knight has to get a job… we all know where he goes. Meanwhile, Soushi is trying to get cream puffs into the company, but they look ugly. Knight is getting jealous of Soushi and Rika, no thanks to Mika. It’s all very thrilling.

I am having issues with this show. In my first two episode reviews, I was hopeful in the direction that this show was heading. It seems I was wrong. What I was hoping for was a nice love triangle between Soushi, Riko and Knight. Maybe Riko feeling uncomfortable because she is having feelings for a robot. Maybe feeling a bit confused because she likes Soushi but he is a bit of playboy.

Instead, we are constantly reminded Knight is a robot, mainly through the stupid noises that you hear whenever he turns his head or blinks. It just screams ROBOT and thus it is hard to come to like feel emotions for someone/something that is being put out there are programming, not actively learning, if that makes sense. What I mean by that is, Knight could be “learning” to be more human, instead he is stuck in this static state of robot.

Soushi on the other hand… there is no conflict there either. He didn’t even care when Knight got a bit jealous over Riko and him spending time together. He just walked away like it wasn’t his problem. So he doesn’t have any feelings for Riko, it seems, at the moment, besides that she can make puff creams like colonel sanders.

Riko… it’s painfully obvious who she is destined to end up with. No suspense, no surprise. No good guy hiding behind a play boy, no, he’s just a good guy….

And thus ends my rant for now. Really, I do enjoy this show. It’s nice. But it could be so much better.

good Ah, my rant has clouded my judgement, but I did enjoy bits from this episode, such as Knight saying “From this point forward my name is Tenjo Knight” or something to that effect; him carrying that guy and the bottles; and the love message scrawled on the window with cleaning fluid. So romantic! Heh.

bad See rest of post ;)

As I said, this is a nice show. Sweet even. But… eh. It’s nothing special. Which is a shame. Here’s hoping things pick up a bit, we are still early in the show. heart heart heart


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