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Zettai Kareshi – Episode 2 – Review and Caps – Plus Okaeri by Ayaka – Video and Lyrics

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Zettai Kareshi
Episode 2

Aired: 22nd April 2008
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart
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Riko’s trial period of Knight is over either must purchase Knight for 100 million yen or give him back and pay for the damages made in the last episode – costing 1 million yen. Riko can’t wait to get rid of Knight, but has to somehow come up with 400,000 yen in a week. How can you make a lot of money in a short space of time?

Soushi, on the other hand, wants Riko to make her cream puffs for the company.

Watching the re-cap of the previous episode, it made me realise what a good job Hayami Mokomichi did at being a robot. There is personality in there, while being a robot. I think somehow in the short time of the recap I appreciated this show just a little bit more.

And this episode didn’t let me down. It was fast paced, a lot of fun with a great dose of tension. Gotta love love squares. Perhaps I should still call it a love triangle, as I am pretty sure Mika’s feelings are not love.

Any way, I do love a good love-based tension, so of course my favourite scene in the show was the one I pictured above, when Soushi was taking Riko home and Knight comes along.

This episode is also good because I feel we get to know more of Riko’s personality and motivations. I feel like I’m knowing her better, and she doesn’t seem as similar to Aibu Saki’s role in Utahime.

There was also a fantastic dosage of humour injected. “Ore sexy?” or “Am I sexy?” Also loved the “sweat” spray, lol. I understand about how weird it would be to have a robot saying that, but how could you not love Knight? :)

Oh, and did Soushi’s grandfather remind anyone else of Colonel Sanders? No? Maybe it was just me.

good The Love Triangle.

bad Still feels a bit ordinary, but it’s going up.

I don’t know, it still feels a bit ordinary, but I think this series is going to get better and better. Which is why I’m going to give it heart heart heart

Okaeri by Ayaka

In somewhat related news, is anyone else loving the ending theme song, Okaeri by Ayaka? Apparently it’ll be out on the 14th of May, 2008. The little ending scene is a lot of fun too. Here’s a video:

Lyrics of the whole song, in Romaji:

okaeri sweetheart
kaeru bashou yeah
ai wo arigatou

mata heiki no furi wo shite
kanashimi no iro wo nuritsubushite
waratte shimaun desu
shinjiru koto no taisetsusa
wakatteru no ni iza to iu toki
utagatte shimau yeah

karappo no karada
nagareru toki ni
fuiteshimaisou ni naru kedo
anata no koto dakishimetai
kono kimochi katsugi ugokasu no

okaeri im home
hitogoto de mitasareru kokoro
okaeri sweetheart
kaeru bashou yeah
ai wo arigatou
sweet home

jibun no koto bakkari wo
kangaeru otona wa zuruin da to
omotteitan desu
demo hisshi ni kaeru koto wo
sakenderu hito mo iru’n da
yatto shitta’n desu

atarimae no shiawase nanka
kono sekai ni hitotsu mo nai
anata no tame, sou omoeta
kono kimochi katsugi ugokasu no

okaeri im home
supiido ga kasokushiteku mainichi
okaeri sweet home
kawaranai zutto aru keshiki
sweet home

sagashite nakushita
kokoro no kizu ga
tachimukau tsuyosa ni kawareta no wa
“okaeri” ga atta kara

okaeri im home
hitogoto de mitasareru kokoro
okaeri sweetheart
kaeru bashou yeah
ai wo arigatou

okaeri im home
daijoubu anata ga iru kara
okaeri sweetheart
mattete ne mou sugu tsuku kara
oh yeah

What’s up with the bagpipes at the end?

Remember to support Ayaka and buy Okaeri!


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