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Who’s subbing what: Summer 2007

Posted by on May 27, 2007 in Reviews | 0 comments

Sorry for the lack of quality updates guys. I’ve been sick (and I still am sick). So I’ve got lots of reviews I need to catch up on.

Anyway, who’s subbing what next season? The subbing groups are starting to announce what they are subbing, and here’s who’s subbing what :)
bullet First Kiss – First Kiss, Inoue Mao’s new drama, will be both hard and soft subbed by BON fansubs.

bullet Hana Kimi – The much anticipated show staring Horikita Maki and Oguri Shun, will also be hard and soft subbed by BON fansubs.

bullet Yamada Taro – This drama, staring the boys from Arashi Sho and Nino, will be hard and soft subbed by the Stormy Team.

These are the three I’m looking forward to. Another one (the one I’m looking forward to the most) – 7 Days with Daddy and Daughter – hasn’t got a fan subber yet. I wish my Japanese was good enough to offer the service but alas it isn’t yet. Here’s fingers crossed it’ll be picked up!!

Other shows picked up by Fan Subbers:
bullet Sushi Oji – Hard subbed by Love Song
bullet Life – Hard subbed by S.O.S. Fansubs
bullet Juken no Kamisama – Hard and soft by D-Fansubs

So, what are you planning on watching next season?


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