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Welcome to the Quiet Room – Movie Review and Caps

Posted by on May 8, 2008 in Reviews | 1 comment

Title: クワイエットルームにようこそ
Romaji: Quiet room ni youkoso
English: Welcome to the Quiet Room
Staring: Yuki Uchida, Kankuro Kudo, Yu Aoi
Released: 2007
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart heart
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Welcome to the Quiet Room is the story of Asuka who is accused of trying to commit suicide, and wakes up in a mental health hospital. She seems to be different from the rest of the girls – more… sane, I guess is one way of putting it! – and doesn’t belong there. Or does she? Through a series of flash backs we learn more about what lead up to her waking up in the ‘Quiet Room’.

Please note, some spoilers present, but ending remains a mystery »

This was a highly enjoyable movie! The non-linear time line was well used, and even though we relived the same set of events (the events that led up to her ending up in the mental health hospital), each retelling felt fresh and unlocked just a bit more about Ausuka’s past.

It is also interesting the way that Asuka’s “sanity” is referred to. One girl says that Asuka doesn’t belong in the hospital. This woman comes across as very sane as well, and leaves the hospital. However, later we find out that she does indeed have a serious problem – indicating that people can “seem” sane and not be. Another instance is when Miki says that she is perfectly sane like Asuka – and tries to rationalise her eating disorder. Maybe I’m picking apples out of thin air, but I thought these points were very interesting.

Another aspect I really enjoyed about the Quiet Room was its illusions to the Wizard of Oz, and how by the end Asuka resembled Dorothy. I guess it was true, she wasn’t in Kansas any more… Perhaps symbolising that she isn’t where she is supposed to be… Or perhaps everything was in her head the whole time?

The movie has somewhat dark comedic elements that are highly enjoyable, but overall this movie is primarily a drama. So don’t go in expecting it’ll be non stop laughs.

Do go in to see Satoshi Tsumabuki, even if he is in it only for a little bit. *doki doki*. Any guy who can pull of a monobrow is OK in my books.

good Loved the non linear story line. And Satoshi.

bad Perhaps some places it felt a little slow paced, but not so much of a big deal.

Overall I highly enjoyed this movie, and I would recommend you see it. It kept me wondering to the end. heart heart heart heart

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  1. blue_riceball

    hmmm.. sounds like an interesting drama..

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