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Waterboys – Movie Review

Posted by on Jan 11, 2010 in Reviews | 2 comments

Movie: ウォーターボーイズ
English: Waterboys
Staring: Tsumabuki Satoshi, Tamaki Hiroshi, Miura Akifumi, Kondo Koen, Kaneko Takatoshi
Released: 2001
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart heart
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Waterboys tells the story of a high school swim team at an all boys school that is only one member. However, with the introduction of a female teacher to coach the team, lots of boys sign up. Then it is discovered that she intends it to be a synchronised swimming team. The swim team is back down to three members who have all summer to make the team work…

(poster to the left there, I can only assume it’s the Chinese DVD cover… )

I really enjoyed this movie. It’s meant to be a silly, light flick, but it works. There is lots of silly laugh-out-loud moments. I was very satisfied with this movie!

It also has a lot of men in small swimming suits. Who could say no to that?

This is supposedly the movie that shot Tsumabuki Satoshi to stardom, I believe. To be honest, I can only think this was his big break because a) it as a good movie, and b) he was the star. I don’t think this movie really showed his talents, and all he could do. It felt like he was sort of in the background, that he wasn’t really a catalyst for much… I don’t know… Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Satoshi and would gladly have his babies.

Another thing to pick at was the “romance” in this movie. It felt like it was added in as an afterthought because “good movies have romance” or something like that. I thought it didn’t add anything to the plot (except some panties? except leading the main character to an aquarium?) and felt rather unsatisfying. As an audience member, I didn’t care about the girl/romance at all. The romance was on the back-burner the whole movie.

for Boys in DT’s, lots of laughs

against Tsumabuki Satoshi’s character was a bit meh

But this was an awesomly funny movie. Sit back, expect it to be silly, and you shall enjoy :) heart heart heart heart

Scene from Waterboys:

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  1. Jenny

    I loved this movie, they also made two dorama seasons of this.
    some of the movie actors are in them as well.
    You should try Swing girls, it’s by the same director.

  2. Novroz

    Lovely review :)
    I love this movie and about to review it. I want to borrow your snapshot,of course I will mention your blog.

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