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Voice – Episode Two – Review and Caps

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Episode One
First Aired
: Winter 2009
Carlie’s Rating: heartheartheart
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In this episode a man collapses in the street with his grocery shopping. He has somehow been electrocuted. His wife worries that he died hating her. Meanwhile, our gang seems to be into food and cooking and their antics revolve around getting Kanako to cook something.


I feel sorry for Kanako. She is the most dedicated and serious one of the group. However, people tell her she’ll end up an old maid and seem to put her down. Well, one would rather be single than date someone who is like that!

My gripe with this show is that the characters and their past are interesting, but the “discover what really happened” angle is not. It is too sentimental, there doesn’t feel like there is any tension. I like some “investigation/medical” sort of shows that the US brings out that has a mix of great characters yet engaging story line, but this… As I said, it is really twee.

That being said, next episode seems to be more about Kanako’s past so I’m excited by it. It looks like there will be a case that is similar to her mother’s death. So, I am looking forward to the next episode!

good I do like the characters.

bad Don’t like the whole point of the show though! eep.

So, I’m giving it heartheartheart


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