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Touch – Movie Reivew

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Staring: Masami Nagasawa, Saito Shota, Saito Keita

It’s both a romantic teen drama and a baseball movie which may seems a bit bland to some, but this movie turns out to be so much more! The movie is about Minami, a girl who has grown up her whole life close to the twin boys next door, Kazuya and Tatsuya Uesugi. Their parents even built them a cubby house/shed between their houses for them to play in. Suddenly, of course, they are teenagers and Minami is a girl… It becomes obvious that both brothers have a thing for Minami. Kazuya is the smart and sensible one and everyone seems to think is the perfect match for Minami. Tatsuya on the other hand is always late and happy to let Kazuya take all the attention. This includes with Minami. Except that Minami seems to like Tatsuya more…

Don’t be fooled by this gushy summary. It’s much deeper than this. When Minami was younger her mother died. The boys promised to take her to Koshien, where the National Baseball Championships. Now at high school, will the guys be able to fulfill this promise?

It is essentially a Baseball movie, but – and this is coming from someone who hates sports movies – this movie is also so much more and is highly recommended.


The movie starts off very powerfully, showing the kids from when they were babies, sweetly explaining how they grew up together and were always interested in Baseball. It’s very powerful, funny, sad, moving. You get a feel right away how the characters are and what they are feeling. As the movie progresses it is the same, I can see how the characters are developing and from a look I could feel what the characters were thinking.

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I don’t want to share much more as I could ruin a good movie, but I have to say it is awesome and well worth the watch.

for Great character development.

bad Baseball. I’m just not a fan.

What are you waiting for? Go see it now! heart heart heart


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