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Top 5 Youtube Channels for Nerds and Geeks

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in Reviews | 3 comments

In this video I name my current top 5 youtube channels for nerds/geeks – whatever your naming preference. Watch the video or skip to the “read more” to see them all.


5. The Brain Scoop

My newest obsession. I have a bit of a crush on Emily. She is so sweet, yet passionate and excited about what she does. And has a quirky sense of humour.

The Brain Scoop, hosted by the before mentioned Emily Graslie, volunteers full time at the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum. It does sound a bit boring, but it turns out it is very interesting, with a good dose of fun.

Recent videos have included skinning a wolf, so be warned if you are squeamish. But watch anyway, maybe after you’re eaten.

Below is the completely hilarious V day episode, where they dissect a teddy bear.


4. Nerdist

Chris Hardwick’s channel. I don’t like everything on this channel, but there is enough to keep me happy.

Highlights include Celebrity Bowling, Skyrim Cops, and Neil’s Puppet Dreams.


3. Geek and Sundry

Felicia Day‘s channel. My favourite shows on this channel include Felicia’s own vlog called the Flog, especially the episodes where she plays retro games with her brother.

OMG Table Top with Wil Wheaton. I must say that I love Wheaton, I have come to really enjoy his online presence. He is very well spoken and has an amazing sense of humour. But I love his Table Top show, it has great guests and games I want to spend my money on. Anyone want to buy me Star Fluxx?

Other shows on this channel I enjoy include Sword and Laser, a fantasy and sci-fi book club, and Storyboard, a google hangouts chat on topics for authors run by Patrick Rothfuss (writer of Name of the Wind).


2. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

For literature nerds. Ah, how could I not include this? This adaptation of Pride and Prejudice set today in America is simply amazing. It beats the 1995 and 2005 versions for being true to the core of P&P, while expanding on minor characters makes this adaptation a richer experience.

To add to the experience there are twitters and tumblrs maintained by the characters and are part of the story telling. You can keep up with it all by looking at the story page on the LBD website.


1. H+ The Digital Story

I can’t even remember how I heard about this but more people should know.

H+ is a fantastic fictional narrative set in our near future (where jail breaking an iphone is before a med-student’s time). In this future a new technology has been released, called H+. It is a computer interface that is injected into the human nervous system. However, after it’s release, everyone who has one suddenly die.

It is non-linear, with each video jumping around from 9 years before the incident to two years after. As a viewer slowly the picture of what happened becomes clearer. But everything isn’t written out for you. This show actually assumes the viewer is intelligent.

The nature of the videos mean you can also watch them in chronological order. I don’t recommend doing this on your first watch through; the way the videos are structured aid in understanding the narrative. However, it is great as a second watch through to see what you missed. There are also supplemental videos, images and text that you can access through the website. It is not necessary to view these, but if you are like me and a sucker for more, these will satisfy.

I have watched through three times now and I still get more out of it each time I watch. For a truely rich story, stop reading this, go watch now!


The Rest

Honourable Geeky mentions include Crash Course: for a crash course for everything from history to ecology; SciShow, for science news and information.

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What are your favourite geeky/nerdy youtube channels? Let me know in the comments!

For more youtube channel recommendations, check out this Best Of Youtube post.


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  2. nerdfighter

    my fav vlog is vlogbrothers.
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  3. nerdfighter

    my fav vlog is vlogbrothers.
    and dont forget to vote for nerd…..

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