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Top 5 Books of 2012

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In 2012 I read 40 books, and I have to say that most of my favourite reads of 2012 were re-reads of old favourites. Here, however, I will post about my top 5 new books I read. They weren’t necessarily new books published in 2012, but were new books to me that I read for the first time in 2012. You can check out all the books I read in 2012 at goodreads.

1. The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham

This is book four of the Long Price Quartet. It is telling, but for a lot of series this year, including some on this list, I enjoyed the final book the best. The series starts with A Shadow in Summer, and it started off good, and by the end was great. The world is medieval Asian inspired, where we follow Otah and Maati through their lives. This series is a must read, and I believe I will follow anything that Daniel Abraham writes.

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2. Heir of Novron (Percepliquis) by Michael J. Sullivan

I put Percepliquis in brackets, as this was my favourite book in the series – the series has been released with 2 books in each book, and P is the last book in the series, The Riyria Revelations. The first book in the series is Theft of Swords.
This series is awesome. This isn’t a ground breaking series. What this is, however, is fresh. It is such an awesome and easy read, and while it doesn’t feel new, it is not predictable. This book just blew all my expectations out the window, with my reaction being: “Wowers!”
Michael J. Sullivan is great at keeping in contact with his readers and fans as well which is great.

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3. Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott

Spirit Gate
Spirit Gate, part one of the Crossroads trilogy. This is another asian-inspired fantasy. I was a bit unsure about this book because I had read another book by Elliott the previous year and was not impressed, and this book also seemed to have mixed reviews. Maybe it was my low expectations, but I was blown away. This book rocked. It was refreshing to read a story that doesn’t have white people as the norm. I would now love to read something else by Kate Elliott as I have seen her doing guest posts around the blogisphere and I would love to call myself a fan of her.

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4. The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson

The Emperor's Soul
I read this one almost straight after reading Legion (getting my Sanderson fix). I enjoyed Legion. It was good. I wanted it to be a full novel (both Legion and The Emperor’s Soul are novellas). However, I read this one and it just blew me away. It really showed me how much more I enjoy fantasy. This story felt so much richer to me.

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5. The King’s Blood by Daniel Abraham

The King's Blood
Another Daniel Abraham book. Told you I am now a fan :) This is the second book in The Dagger and the Coin series. Compared to the other one above, this one is a more “traditional” fantasy in that it is set in a medieval type world. One downside I am finding in this series is there is no point of view character that I love, or even one that I love to hate. But I did enjoy this book enough for it to be no. 5 on my top 5 list, so it is awesome and you should go read the series now, with the last book in the series coming out early this year.

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And some books of note that actually topped my list last year but were re-reads: Pride and Prejudice (for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries!), Way of Kings (even better in a re-read, is there a new one yet??), and my all time favourite, The Farseer Triolgy (In that last dance of chances *cries*).


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