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The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James: A Book Review

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Ugly Duchess

The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James

  • Historical Romance
  • Published August 28th 2012
  • Carlie read 27th December 2012
  • Series: Fairy Tales #4
  • Carlie’s Rating:heart heart heart
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You can read the blurb of books everywhere. I have decided to try and write what these books are about in 140 characters or less….


Theo is supposedly not pretty. James, who grew up with her, marries her for money. He becomes a pirate. The romance is boring

(125 characters) This review is spoiler free… Sorry if the pirate bit was a surprise.

Eloisa James
I admit that I did not care for the first book I read by Eloisa. It was called Desperate Duchesses. But I read the next one in the series and enjoyed it. And well, since joining Goodreads she is my most read romance author. I think that she is an intelligent author, and her books do show a love of the era that she writes in. I really love her Fairy Tales series, where she is re-writing fairy tales into romance novels. They are very fun.

Ugly Duchess2 The Book
Compared to others in the series, this one wasn’t so good. I mean, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great.
I have to say I really enjoyed the middle of the book, when the two main characters weren’t actually together. James’ life became interesting. But then they were back together….. I found Theo really immature and boring. James’ anger issues were stupid and disappeared off stage….
I really feel like I have nothing more to say… I mean, the whole point of romance novels, in my opinion, is that they are character based stories. The plot are often just rediculas and don’t hold up if you think about it too long. But the characters are what you come for (and the relationship between them). Often one or both of the characters are annoying or selfish or *insert bad character trait here*, but they grow as they get to know each other and become better characters as the story goes along.
Sadly, in the case of this book, these two characters actually get worse as the story continues.
Really, I am giving it 3 hearts for the pirates.

plus Pirates
minus The characters.

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