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Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

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the fault in our stars book review

The Fault In Our Stars – Book Review

  • Young Adult
  • Published: January 10th 2012
  • Carlie read 11 January 2013
  • Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart heart
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140 Character Or Less Book Summary

Actually positive teen cancer story

(35 characters). No spoilers here…

A Not So Depressing Cancer Book

Wait, what? I do think this isn’t about being a depressing teen cancer book.
But it is a teen cancer book. I knew I was just asking for trouble by reading it. The tears that would flow. Oh, the tears.

The title of the book comes from a Shakespeare quote that roughly goes:

There is NO fault in our stars/
None of that pre-determined crap/
Life is what you make it/
Yo, yo

Where as this book goes:

Well, sometimes it is a bit of the star’s fault.

And also:

We drink stars in liquid awesome

But even if there is a fault in your star, life is about what you do despite the fault.

I have seen this first hand. One of my sister’s friends got cancer at age 16. Despite being in and out of hospital for the rest of her life (she died last year, just before her 23rd birthday) she lived a life full of so much more than the average person.

Like Amy’s life, this book isn’t about being a Debbie Downer “watch me die!” It was more of an uplifting “watch me live”, while still being realistic about the realities of being a teen and having cancer.

the fault in our stars review
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My Thoughts

I didn’t think this was an earth shattering read. It wasn’t the most awesomest book ever. But it was a good read. I really connected with John Green’s writing style. The best way I can describe it is it felt intelligent yet smooth to read.

I loved Hazel Grace as a character, but Augustus felt like a 16 yr old girl’s fantasy, not an actual 17 year old boy. However, I think that this suits the genre just fine.

I am usually not a fan of cancer books, as you know where you are heading and it is a bit like watching someone slowly cut off their own arm. I don’t find that enjoyable. But I found this enjoyable. Recommended.

plus Nice book about living a full life despite what fault in fortune you may have. Oh, and the feels.
minus It’s a cancer book. Know what you are getting into…

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