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The Best of 2009

Posted by on Dec 28, 2009 in Reviews | 6 comments

I want to come up with a list of my best memories of 2009! Here is what I will remember 2009 by…


Jin, with out a doubt, I was glued to the TV screen. The characters were awesome. I loved the bromance between Ryoma and Jin. It was one hell of a love quadruplet or something like that… And the foetus… just when you thought you could sleep at night the foetus made a reappearance. Great show, but I hope that they make a special because I want the ONE question answered. Not the one about Mikki, the one about who the hell….

Runners up: Buzzer Beat was more about the change room than the basketball, and Tokyo Dogs was amusing too.

Also, to check out what I actually watched in 2009, as far as my memory can remember, check out my Watched List, 2009.

Opening Music/Sequence for Dramas

Jin again. I always got goose bumps whenever it played and wouldn’t think about using the fast forward button/using it as a toilet break.

Runners up: Liar game, I always enjoyed the quick opening sequence for that show and the feel of the music. With Season 2 they’ve left it short and sweat but still bouncy. Also loved Tokyo Dogs opening (even better than Liar Game…) – the closing music was rubbish but the opening theme was upbeat and made me look forward tot he show. Also love the graphic sequence!


I didn’t watch as many movies as I would have liked this year, so by default it is Ballad. It stars SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Aragaki Yui. I can’t wait to see it with English subs to pick up on some things I missed, and it wasn’t a perfect movie either, but I enjoyed it and it was great seeing it at the movies. I hope I will make an effort to see more movies in 2010.

Best Song

Bz’s イチブトゼンブ, theme song of Buzzer Beat. Nice upbeat and catchy song!
Here’s the lyrics, in Japanese, so you can practise your reading skills and get ready for some karaoke!:
勝ち誇るように笑われても それほどイヤじゃないよ
生まれてくる前 聞いたようなその深い声


困った時 少しまゆげを曲げてみせたり


君にしかわからないこと 僕だけが見えていること


Maybe it’ll last, maybe it wont, but here’s the video:

Runner up: Sotto Kyutto by SMAP. While Ninkyo Helper was on they also sang this at the end of every SMAPxSMAP episode. Suitably irritating enough to be played at the shops all the time too.

Learning Japanese Resources:

Nihongo 500 Mon / 日本語500問

What a great book! Definitely my favourite study material for the year! I got the one for beginners but there is also one for intermediates and advanced levels as well.

Basically it is 500 questions! Well, it is divided up into four weeks with questions every day of the week. For the first six days you do questions, see where your strengths and weaknesses are, and on the 7th day it is a test of sorts to see if you have improved. Each page is divided up into Kanji, Vocab and Grammar. On the back of every page is the answers as well as tips on common mistakes learners make and the differences to similar vocab, etc.

You can go through it three times and record in the book how you’ve improved. I have gone through the book two times and it’s really rewarding to see how I have improved (or not!) over the months! I plan on taking this one again in a couple of months to see if I’ve gotten even better, as well as doing the intermediate one (and perhaps eventually the advanced one). Hopefully I’ll do a proper review soon of this book, I really loved it.

Get it from Amazon.jp:


Best Event of 2009


Moving to Japan of course!!

And now…

As to what 2010 will hold, only time will tell… I hope it is as memorable as this year!

Please share in the comments your favourites of 2009, what ever they may be…


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  1. @com4myst_blgspt

    Thank you for the recommendations ^_^

    Nice tips :)

  2. mary

    Humm I watched Ballad on my flight back from Japan.. it has subs to it.. was pretty good, although a bit strange in some parts. Anyway I hope you get to watch it with the subs..

    My fave dramas of this year were Buzzer Beat and Tokyo dogs…. I also watched a pretty interesting one about yakuza who help in a nursing home.. I forget the name but it was actually pretty good as well!

    Nihongo 500 Mon / 日本語500問 is one I’ll have to pick up! I’m always looking for new study material! yay thanks for posting it!

    • GoddessCarlie

      I saw it at the cinemas so no subs. I’ll probably have to wait til it’s released on DVD. There are just some little details that I missed of the conversation that I want to know! Bits I didn’t like of the movie, but overall enjoyable.

      I think the name you are searching for is Nikyou Helper. Watched bits and pieces of this one, but it was always at a friends house so wasn’t really paying attention.

    • GoddessCarlie

      Oh and you can see sample pages of 500mon at amazon if you are curious. Just the intro I think.

  3. Jenny

    Jin was my absolute favorite and Ninkyo helper. Those were the best doramas of 2009.
    I could not watch more then one episode of Buzzer beat though.

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