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Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru – Movie Review

Posted by on Feb 26, 2009 in Reviews | 9 comments


Just, Loving You

International Title: Heavenly Forest
Staring: Miyazaki Aoi, Tamaki Hiroshi, Kuroki Meisa, Koide Keisuke

Rating: heartheartheart
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A story of a group of university students. Makoto is a quiet and awkward guy who loves photography. Shizuru is a weird and childish girl who often lies. They trespass into a forest to take photos. This movie has great quirky characters and a beautiful soundtrack. Bring tissues, I’m sure this sentimental flick will make you cry!


This is a really nice movie. It’s not slow paced, but it is not action packed either. The characters, I believe, are what make this movie work. I particularly like the fact that Shizuru is ambiguous, you can’t tell if she is lying or telling the truth, and poor Makoto is as gullible as they get.

However, It is hard to review this movie critically without giving away important plot developments. Thus, I’m putting a lot of my review under spoiler tags:

In the end, yes, Shizuru died and I think it was well handled, it didn’t feel too sentimental. However, the nature of the disease felt contrived which I think made her death lose some of its powerfulness.

I cried my eyes out the first time I saw the movie, but on this second viewing some many months later I did not (I need to point out that I am a cry baby and usually cry in all films).

I don’t know, it some how felt disappointing that she had to die. I wasn’t expecting some kind of Hollywood ending, but I don’t know what I was expecting. Somehow the ending feels a bit cheap, like we were cheated…

Some of the English in this was hilarious! In particular when Makoto goes to a gallery and an English speaker just says “Hi! Please”. At least they didn’t subtitle.

I really have to commend Tamaki Hiroshi, he is really great at being socially awkward. I love everything Miyazaki Aoi does as well as Koide Keisuke even if he does look like he spent too much time with a bottle of fake tan.

good Really liked the characters

against There was just something about the ending…

Over all it was a nice film. heartheartheart


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  1. Jamaipanese

    a tear jerking flick? who knows I might find it interesting, will check this out soon

  2. yonasu

    Thanks for the review, it looks interesting. I might have time to watch this later this weekend :)

  3. wheee

    I just finished watching. Its one of the saddest film I’ve watched, Miyazaki Aoi’s performance was superb. :clap:

  4. karened

    I liked this movie alot! Didn’t expect much from it because I’m a fan of neither artiste, but was just looking for something to watch. I liked the photos they took and the scenery though. I love photography so the thing that stuck to my head was the pictures at her photo exhibition, especially the one self-shoot she took. It seemed like she was beckoning, waiting for Makoto to go to her. The kiss scene one was good too, and I was just sad that they were so close to being together; if he had only realised his feelings a few hours earlier! The ending surprised me a lot, and like you, I found that illness a little…odd……I’ve had enough of strange illnesses already! No, I had enough of any sort of illnesses. (Think Koisora, 1LOT etc etc…and not to mention kdramas!)

  5. Trisha

    Great movie. I enjoyed it very much! I think Aoi is not only cute but also a very talented actress. I’ll be watching her other movies and TV dramas.

  6. nodame

    I love it. It was a great movie. I wanted to see it at first because of Tamaki Hiroshi and I kinda knew how it is going to end. However, I still can’t help but cry at the end.

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