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Summer 2007 Drama Update

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More information is coming in about next season’s Japanese dramas. And sure it’s called the “summer” season, but the most important hemisphere is just humouring the other, ok?!?
Anyway, here is a little snippet of what’s coming up – information all from Drama Wiki.

bullet ファースト・キス – First Kiss
Staring Inoue Mao (from Hana Yori Dango) and Ito Hideaki

Inoue takes on the role of Mio, a selfish brat. Because of an incurable illness, she lives in the U.S. for medical treatment, but she returns to Japan to visit her older brother (Hideaki Ito), whom she has been separated from since their parents’ divorce. She discovers that he’s become a good-for-nothing, employed at a show bar and fallen into debt.


bullet 牛に願いを - Love & Farm

The story revolves around six third-year students at the Tokyo University of Agriculture who go to Hokkaido for a summer to get first-hand training in an agricultural setting. They will perform tasks such as milking a cow, cleaning pig sties, and feeding animals. One scene even features a cow giving birth.

Stars, amongst others, Toda Erica of Liar Game and Nobuta wo Produce.


bullet 山おんな壁おんな – Mountain Woman, Wall Woman

Based on the manga of the same title by, Atsuko Takakura. The story revolves around a woman working in a department store Itoh whose meager bust has earned her the nickname of “kabe onna” (“kabe” means “wall” and “onna” means “woman”). Unfortunately for her, a well-endowed “yama onna” (“yama” meaning “mountain”) gets assigned to the same department, heightening her insecurity.

Stars Itoh Misaki of Densha Otoko and Gokusen.


bullet 山田太郎ものがたり – The Story of Yamada Taro

Based off the manga of the same name, Ninomiya Kazunari plays the title role of Taro Yamada, a smart, good-looking, and athletic high schooler. Unknown to his classmates, however, is that Yamada is actually living in poverty.

Staring Nino and Sho from Arashi!


bullet パパとムスメの7日間 – Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter

Based off the novel of the same name by, Igarashi Takahisa. The show will feature a comical “Freaky Friday”-like plot, where an accident on a train results in a father and high school daughter exchanging bodies

From just the synopsis, this one sounds the most interesting to me. And it stars that cute girl from My Boss, My Hero, Aragaki Yui!


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