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Su Ki Da – Movie Review

Posted by on Apr 23, 2008 in Reviews | 5 comments

Title: 好 き だ
English: Su ki da
Staring: Aoi Miyazaki, Eita, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Hiromi Nagasaku
Released: 2005
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart
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Su Ki Da is an acquired taste. It tells the story of Yu and Yusuke who live near each other and often see each other on their walk home from school. Yusuke quit the basketball team and wants to work in the music industry. He plays the guitar each day after school, writing his own song, but so far had only worked out one tune. He promises her that he’ll play the song for her when it is finished.

Skip forward 17 years and the two meet again by coincidence.

Su Ki Da is slow paced. It often shows only one character in shot, with many things occurring off camera. The movie is defined by its silences, shadows, shots of the sky.

The first half of the movie focuses on Yu, with the second half when they are grown up focusing on Yusuke. It’s nice to get both perspectives, however I some how feel like I don’t really “know” the characters.

This movie is good for language learners as the lines are said slowly, in small chunks. It makes it easy for the language learner to break it all down, and time for them to process what is being said. At least, it was that way for me.

for I enjoyed Yusuke’s song. It is now in my head, and I don’t mind. It was a nice tune.

against It is a little two slow paced for me.

It was nice to watch something a bit different from the norm, but over all it was waaay too slow paced for me to really enjoy it. heart heart heart

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  1. daz

    Very weird movie. What was with Yu wearing her sisters school uniform that day? I totally didn’t understand why…does Yusuke start out liking her sister? Does she wear the uniform to make Yusuke like her? Great ending though….this kind of sparse movie really appeals to me, not to mention Miyazaki Aoi is awesome.

  2. Eru

    Interesting review. Su-Ki-Da is indeed an “acquired taste”. :-) Much like sushi. Some may never try it again, while others keep returning for more.

    Yu wears her sister’s uniform in order to answer Yusuke’s questions and additionally, to get Yusuke’s attention. I thought it was a romantic gesture on her part.

    Aoi Miyazaki is also in the comedy/tear-jerker “Heavenly Forest”. Allow me to paraphrase one of her lines: ‘One day you’re going to regret not sleeping with me.’ :-D

    I came across another viewer’s commentary about why the camera was not necessarily focused on character(s) when talking. It is done perhaps to allow us to experience the same sense of unknown as the characters, e.g. when Yu kisses Yusuke. We don’t “see” him just as Yu probably does not see his true feelings.

    Have to watch this again.

  3. Eru

    Appreciate I did…because the whole theme strikes an all too familiar chord with me. The movie is perhaps purposely slow and drawn out to make us feel equally frustrated at the pace with which those longing words are finally uttered.

    Without knowing his exact reasons for hesitating, I have to admit though that Kosuke is a big wimp for running away after being kissed. Even he questions himself about that day. If I were in his shoes with evidently mutual feelings, firecrackers would be exploding everywhere if Yu approached me in such a manner.

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