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Proposal Daisakusen SP – Review

Posted by on Feb 8, 2009 in Reviews | 2 comments

Proposal Daisakusen SP

Proposal Daisakusen
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In this special of Proposal Daisakusen, it is Eri and Tsuru’s wedding. However, Eri isn’t prepared to go through with it because she isn’t sure if Tsuru is serious about her. Once again, Ken wishes there was something he could do, and thus he is transported back to the past to change the future…


It starts immediately after where the series left off. Many complained about the ending of the series, how they wanted more. I thought the ending was great. I thought that an ending of hugs, kisses and gooey stuff wouldn’t have worked. Here, in the special, I think they have presented “what happened next” more realistically than that, which is great. We get the next scene without too much cliche.

Tsuru and Eri’s wedding takes place in Hawaii… It makes me want to go there soooo bad!! The special has all the comedic parts that I loved in the show… Socrates and the teacher/pottery guy being stupid (with some drag which is always welcome in any show!). Also loved the appearance of the marathon runner in the hostess club!

The show plays on past themes, such as the intro of the wedding (Ken being late and running, always running). It also ties things up nicely with an appearance from all the major and minor players. This time Ken is much wiser with his time spent in the past. There doesn’t seem to be too many, if any at all, moments where I want to hit Ken into action!

I think this special has everything you could want from a special. What makes this not as good as the show, in my opinion, is that the focus is on Eri/Tsuru’s relationship as the main story arch rather than Ken/Rei. However, I do think, like I mentioned in my review of the last episode, I do think that if it had been about them, it would have felt like the “same old”. Conclusion: There was no way to win this one, the special was never going to be as good as the series.

However, not to say this was bad. Far from it! I enjoyed it a lot and think this is better than some shows I’ve seen! Highly recommended.

good Tsuru is so funny. Mainly because of his height.

bad Masami-san needs to learn how to laugh better! And the fake kiss. I mean, yay for kiss, it was more intense (because of length) than others, but we need some kind of movement people!!

A fitting conclusion to this awesome series. heartheartheartheart



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  1. Mike

    Haha! I watched Proposal Daisakusen and the Special more recently. Nice drama :). Ken annoyed me a little though :p

    • GoddessCarlie

      I can see why Ken can get annoying :) But over all I really loved this series. I’d be interested in watching it again though… I watched this two years ago and since then I’ve seen many more dramas….. I’d love to know what I think of the series now. :)

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