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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 9

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Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 9

It’s Ken’s last chance. This time he has come back to when Tada proposed to Rei. So it’s now or never. But, Ken is such a nice guy he is going around selling blackboards so that his partner can feed his children. (Well, we all have to work, unfortunately). Finally free, Ken goes to confront Rei. It’s the scene from his flashback, the one where Rei says that Ken doesn’t understand anything. Will history repeat itself?

First things first: Eri and Tsuru are finally dating! Woo hoo! Tsuru is too cute for words. He is such a lovable character and I’ve enjoyed him immensely in this series.

And now, on to the scene… It comes. And it plays out much like it did the first time round. And then he pulls her into his arms! So awesome. It’s such a sweet moment… but then Ken doesn’t say anything. I’m sure all he had to say was three little words and he would have most likely been in the (DKNY) bag. If not in the bag, I think it would have at least but some doubt into Rei’s heart.

Instead, he says nothing, and it is like it proves something to Rei. It proves to her that Tada is the right choice.

And Ken, by himself, crying, holding a ring. He bought her a ring! He sticks it onto the DKNY sign. Poor Ken! Poor, stupid Ken!

Something still doesn’t sit right with Rei and Tada though… She still calls him Tada Sensei. That’s not right at all. If they are ready to get married, she shouldn’t be calling him that.

good What an emotional roller-coaster ride! I enjoyed this episode so much. But mostly I’m just impatient for the next episode.

bad Ken can be so frustrating! Why didn’t he say something!!

Next episode promises some dance dance (my affectionate name for DDR), and some Eri x Tsuru kissing!!! heart heart heart heart heart


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