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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 7

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Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 7

The gang are cleaning out Tada’s office. Tada seems to have his epiphany moment where he realises he’s like Rei for a long time. So right away he wants to say it. Past Ken, of course, knows that this is when Tada confessed to Rei and does his best to prevent it from happening. And tries his hardest to confess to Rei himself first, but we all know what kind of luck Ken has.

He says it! Ken says he loves her and he always has. Unfortunatly they were talking about a TV show at the time, and so Ken ends up saying he loves the show… Good times.

It seems it is in this episode that Tada realises that he likes/loves Rei. Looking through an album that heavily features her, flash backs to when she was at high school. You know, all through this episode I get the impression that Tada is a bit socially retarded. My view of him has certainly changed since episode 2 when he seemed like a normal person. Now I get the impression not just that Tada is shy, but that he is a little socially inept. He doesn’t seem to have any friends, and the way he looked at Rei when she and Eri found the water balloons – well, it seemed to me like a doofus looking at some candy. So innocent yet… something’s just not right. Or maybe It’s just me looking into things a bit too seriously.

In this episode Ken tries again and again in confessing to Rei. You’d think she’d get the hint by now. He also ruined the moment when Tada initially confessed to Rei! It was awesome, I couldn’t help cheer with delight. And then Ken felt so guilty for doing it, even though the only way for him to “win” is for Tada not to.

And then, when Tada won the King stick, and he confessed to Rei after all, I had a sinking feeling in my heart. Poor Ken, tried so hard! Only to be thwarted once again. At least this confession was public and uncomfortable, not private. (Oh, and it made for a hell of a good episode, I love it when a show makes me feel – anything!)

There were some great moments in this episode too. Like Ken in a white WET tank top.

Since Tada still managed to confess to Rei, Ken feels like this was his last chance to really get Rei. Now that Tada has confessed, it’s all over…

But now that Tsuru and Eri are together in the present…. well he really changed something, more than just a picture. It is possible to change the future. I hope we get to see how they actually got together.

And Mikio knows about Ken traveling back in time! People had suggested that he would figure it out but I didn’t believe them! And now he knows. Ken has a potential ally!

This is a really good story. I love how the secondary story line of Tsuru and Eri mirrors the main story line. Can’t wait for next episode – Karaoke and Ken crying. heart heart heart heart heart


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