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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 6

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Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 6

It’s Rei’s 20th birthday which is a big thing in Japan. Basically this episode Rei waits for Ken while Ken waits for Rei and nothing happens which is frustrating for us and poor Ken.

This episode is so frustrating! Ken’s waiting for Rei, Rei waits for Ken. Rei is ready to “confess” her love by giving him a letter she wanted to give him in 9th (I think) grade. Yet, when Ken doesn’t show up (cause he’s waiting for her stubbornly somewhere else!) she throws the letter in the river. What does this symbolise for Rei? Has she given up?

There is, however, many cute Tsuru and Eri moments in this episode. They go on a “date” – where Eri really just wants to run into her old boyfriend – and Eri is so stiff through the whole thing. But Tsuru is really much better at this whole “love” game than Ken. He is small and silly and reminds me of a monkey, but he can be so damn sweet and sincere. It makes me wonder what happened to make them not together today.

I guess over all this was a depressing episode. It was frustrating because it is one of those “they didn’t get together because of a misunderstanding and if only they had communicated!!!!” things that often happen in silly romances (yes, I read silly romances :P ) Yet sad episodes are good, high tension. I wonder what Ken will try next… heart heart heart heart


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