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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 5

Posted by on Jun 1, 2007 in Reviews | 3 comments

Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 5

It’s the World Cup time! This episodes opens with a kiss! Between Ken and Tsuru as you can see above :) In this episode Rei’s grandfather comes to visit, but Rei just wants to get rid of him! However, Ken realises that this is the last opportunity that Rei gets to see him as he dies later on in the year. This episode is fantastic with lots of Ken and Tsuru moments (oh, and Ken and Rei moments, of course, that is our focus here, is it not?)

OMG! They Kiss! Tsuru and Ken of course. And then later, Tsuru is absent-mindedly playing with Ken’s hair, it’s so sweet. Oh, and yeah, did I mention:- KEN AND REI KISS!!

Needless to say, this episode rocked. Ken was scoring brownie points left right and centre:
bullet The fun they had in the grocery store – oh, and he gave her food (food is always good)
bullet The baseball player thing he got in episode 2 on display
bullet Getting Rei to say goodbye to her Grandfather
bullet Giving Rei her first kiss. Sure, it was a stolen kiss, but it was a happy kiss.

I’m sure more went on in this episode but all I can think about now is man kiss and love kiss. Can’t get much better than that. heart heart heart heart


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  1. Aiko

    AHHH ! I NEED TO SEE THIS EPISODE! Is there any way you can give me a link to it? I’ve been looking all over, but all the videos are not available! ;(

  2. fiddle

    I’ve also been searching the whole net but to my dismay can’t find any working videos or any videos of episode 5 and above ;(

  3. GoddessCarlie

    Hi Guys,
    I DON’T have working videos of any of these

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