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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 4

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Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 4

The gang has just graduated from High School. At school, graduates give their second button to a girl who asks for it, as sort of a declaration of love. Ken wants to give his second button to Rei, but “accidentally” gives it to some other random girl. So he tries to get his button back to give to Rei.

Also, the gang is feeling a little let down, like there is supposed to be “more” to graduating – so they go back to school to make it more of a memory.

Ah, it was a good episode. You know I love this show! Tsuru is so romantic. I hope in one episode Ken comes back from the past and Tsuru and Eri are together. Ken really should take notes from him! I guess he is stealing all of Ken’s thunder, making his efforts with Rei seem not as thilling. Ah, Tsuru is such a funny looking guy, so small and silly, yet so endearing.

So Mikio has a girlfriend. That’s interesting. I would like to get to know Mikio better.

It was interesting to see what everyone put into the time capsule. Seeing what was important to them. It’s a nice little insight into each’s personality.

Ken needs a better fitting Baseball helmet. It shouldn’t rattle around on his head like that.

The baseball management graduation ceremony was really honest, sweet. It would be a perfect memory for the girl’s to remember high school by.

I’m not a huge YamaPi lover (like, I don’t hate him, but I never found him OMG attractive) – but Ken trying not to smile is really hot!! YamaPi did a fantastic job I felt. But, for some strange reason his lips always look blue.

And at the end, back at the wedding, the look Rei gives Ken was filled with such passion, and pain.

Oh, I really love this show… heart heart heart heart


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