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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 3

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Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 3

It’s Tada’s last day at school. (Much to Tsuru’s sorrow -) Eri is still trying to figure out what type of man he is, however he is very mysterious – or more likely he is closed off. Also, the English teacher, who is called Cameron after Cameron Diaz, is stealing all the men’s attention (besides Tada). This episode is like a step back for Ken in his development towards Rei. Poor Ken.


I loved the humour in this episode, but I thought that Cameron (who, for some reason, reminds me of Holly Valance, an Australian actor) was over the top and unnecessary and didn’t add anything of value to the show. It just felt stupid. (But I do love the scenes where everyone talks badly mangled English, always a favourite subject of mine).

In this episode we can really see how Rei reaches out to Tada. It’s like she hit a spot in him, some how touched him.

I like that the “enemy” is a likeable person – also a person who has problems, insecurities. He is a rounded person, not just “The Groom” as he seemed to be in the first episode when we didn’t really get to know him at all. It’s also interesting to see him before he and Rei got romantically interested in each other.

I want to know why Ken was crying in the original picture. It wasn’t because Cameron turned him down was it? Cause, if so… eek.

Overall, it wasn’t as good as the second episode, but it is still a good series, going strong. heart heart heart heart

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