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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 11

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Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 11
Final Episode

Continuing on from the last episode, Ken drags Rei to their primary school, hoping to capture her heart. They sit in their old seats and play on their old play gym… but Ken fails. Sadly, he returns to Tada’s party and takes a photo of himself, so he returns to the present…

At the party, Tsuru wonders where Ken is while Mikio gulps down some expensive food. I think I would too… Eri comes along and wants to talk seriously to Rei. She gives Rei a ring, Ken’s ring. Rei looks at it as a bright flash comes from a room… Ken’s just flashed himself back to the future.

Back in the “now” Ken is surprised to find himself not in the wedding reception, but outside before it. He has a nice sweet little last talk with the fairy guy, and goes inside ready for his speech. And OK, pretending that he’s not ruining someone’s wedding, Ken FINALLY! confesses his love for Rei. It’s what we’ve been waiting for all season! Just ignoring that it was totally inappropriate, this scene had a lot of *squee* factor. I also think it was great that he confessed in the now rather than in the past, came back and everything was suddenly changed. I think it makes for a better show.

Rei is of course touched… Ken leaves the room to go back to the church to cry while the rest of the wedding party watch the slideshow again. I really love this scene, where it is Rei who realises the mistakes she has made. It is proof that the little changes that Ken made in the past have made a difference. And it is good that everything isn’t just “Ken’s Fault”, but that Rei realises that she has made mistakes as well, and that really she was a difficult person to capture!

Tada notices that there is something wrong with Rei, and makes her deal with the problem. Tada really is a nice guy, I remember saying that in one of the first episodes that I like that the “enemy” was a good guy. Still, I can’t help but think that there is something wrong with Tada – like he knew almost instantly what was wrong with Rei, and I think he should have been a bit pissed off with the speech that Ken gave. I think the real problem here is Tada isn’t a very fleshed out character (not as much as I had hoped he would be) – and so because he is more cardboard than the rest of the cast, it comes across as if he is a little slow or there is something wrong with him in the head. That’s my thoughts anyway.

I also find it interesting that she chooses the hand without the wedding ring, but I may be looking into this too much…

Rei goes running after Ken, and narrowly misses him catching a taxi. She screams pathetically: cue sad music. Man is her dress really beautiful though!

She goes back to the church and wishes she could redo some things and then Poof! Fairy Man appears. For a second I was worried he was going to send her back in time, maybe to Tada’s gala when she discovers the ring, but luckily he doesn’t and Rei decided she can still get Ken in the now…

As for the ending itself… I liked it. Sure, I would have liked some hugs and kisses and promises of loving for ever, but to be honest, this ending was probably much better. We know the hugs and kisses and everything are going to happen. And as far as I’ve seen, kissing scenes in Japanese Dramas are an average affair. (Opposed to Hollywood which often has the over the top cringe factor to them). This was a perfect ending and I’m quite satisfied. Sad that the show’s over, but I think it had the perfect ending.

good It was a great episode! Ken finally says he loves her!! Rei admits she was wrong as well!

bad Not having the hugs and kisses ending – it is a bit of a minus, but I know I probably would have been a little disappointed if it had ended that way as well. I’m sure I’m not making sense here ;)

You know, it would be nice for a special or something because I love the characters, but I don’t think there is anything left to tell. I loved this series and I it is definitely one of my favourite dramas. heart heart heart heart heart

p.s. Did a little experimenting with the images and the little watermark on them. I probably wont be doing that again though – a) I couldn’t be arsed, and b) This way you guys can use them in your own images etc. I would like credit because it takes time to save these, resize etc, but I guess I can’t stop you… Eh, I don’t know, I’m still undecided.
p.s.s. (I always use the p.s.s.s.s.s even if it doesn’t make sense, it’s just something you’ll have to get used to…) I am sorry this is posted so late. I wanted it to be done on the day, but you know how life gets in the way when you don’t want it to :P


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