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Proposal Daisakusen – Episode 10

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Proposal Daisakusen
Episode 10

OK, so it’s the real last Hallelujah Chance. Ken goes back and Rei is dressed in a wedding dress saying things to Ken. Of course, then he realises they are trying on wedding dresses/suits. After wards the gang hangs out and has a lot of fun, such as a match of air hockey and some dance dance!

Ken goes with Mikio and Tsuru to film Rei’s parents for a wedding video. Ken then sits down with Rei’s mother and looks through the photo album of he and Rei as kids. One of the photos sparks a memory that may be the key to Rei’s heart.

How was the Tsuru x Eri kiss! It was great. Eri just towers over our chibi Tsuru, lol, so much that I don’t think he could ever kiss her by surprise. It was a totally sweet moment and I loved both Tsuru and Eri’s faces afterwards! (Oh, and Tsuru knows how to get a girl, I’ve said from the start Ken should be taking notes!)

This whole episode felt so sad, even though we get to see the gang hanging out and having fun just like old times. It had this great over-baring shadow, like the wedding between Rei and Tada is inevitable. Like there is nothing Ken can do to stop it. Rei is meeting all these people known to Tada, trying on wedding dresses, shopping for home goods… It’s too late for Ken.

And then Ken’s “eureka!” moment, from the photo. Has it come too late for Ken??

good It was good seeing everyone having fun as usual. And the Eri x Tsuru kiss!! Oh, and the ending of this episode!

bad I can’t think of any minuses which is probably another plus.

The episode ends with Ken pulling Rei along somewhere (and boy did she need a better supporting bra!) and the DKNY sign in the burger shop – still with Ken’s ring on there! Oh my gosh, there is only one episode to go and it’s not coming fast enough! I’m pretty sure, however, that this series is going to go down as one of my favourites! heart heart heart heart heart


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