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Papa to Musume no Nanokakan – Episode 1

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Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
Episode 1

It’s described as a “Freaky Friday” – like drama. Koume is a highschool girl with a huge crush on the star soccer player. Kyoichiro is a father who seems a little run down. The two haven’t talked to each other in years. After a freak train accident, something freaky happens… They switch bodies!

I was bound to like this just from the premise, but it was much more enjoyable than what I could have hoped for!

To start off, I loved the friend’s dream sequence of Koume’s father, and then the contrast with the reality. It was really well done and quite comical. Plus a bit of English in there, you know I can’t resist the English! Especially English that makes no sense. How spastic must have the English speaking guy felt? “How is it?” “You look divine”.

And then comes THE ACCIDENT! Dum dum duuuum! It was truly tragic. Shaking camera, bad music, bad dramatics. Truly laughable. Luckily it was quickly over and the rest of the show was fantastic, so I can forgive this little lapse. OK, so no matter what the action of the “body swap” was going to be bad, but this topped all my expectations and was really really bad. Really bad.

They wake up in each other’s bodies at the hospital. I love Kyoichiro’s idea of falling down the stairs – it works in the movies!

Back at home, with the mother conveniently leaving, the two try and swap lives. Attempted bathing. Kyoichiro (in Koume’s body) desperately wanting some beer. Koume (in Kyoichiro’s body) texting sms. It was highly amusing and lots of fun.

bullet Tachi Hiroshi, the male actor, did a fab job of portraying a run-down old guy and a teenage girl.

bullet The train scene was pretty bad. The music just made it worse.

Overall it was a fantastic episode and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series to see what develops (besides the father-daughter relationship *awwww*). Next up – a date! But why is Kyoichiro smirking? heart heart heart heart heart


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