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Otsuka Ai: Peach Lyrics

Posted by on Sep 11, 2007 in Reviews | 3 comments

Up for a really annoying song? In the spirit of my forth coming Hana Kimi drinking game experiment, here is the lyrics to Otsuka Ai’s Peach, the song at the closing credits of the show. Enjoy!

Hana Kimi Ending Credits Video

Sorry for the romaji, but I figure this way everyone can enjoy them, not only those learning Japanese. Of course, support Otsuka Ai and buy her single (0_~)

taiyou sansan
moriagaru kotoshi wa uta itai
kibun runrun
nomitai houdai waraitai

yureru yureru kokoro ni
dokidoki shitai na
soremo sou kana rakuen
ah~ ah~ ah~
natsu da ne

hikkurikaeru ai no mark
itten de fuantei dakara
sugu itten suru dakedo
kaeshite miseru yo

hikkurikaeru ai no mark
nanbai mono power ga hitsuyou
ganbatte miseru yo
aishichau kara

yuu’utsu ni bye bye
sonna hima wa nai motta inai
dappi de bye bye
ii tokoro mitara chance desho

hitamukisa ga daiji nee
wasureta ano hi
itsu no ma ni yogoreta n da
ah~ ah~ ah~

oishii darake no yuuwaku
sukoshi kurai shinpai shitatte ii janai
shinjiteru kedo

oshiri ga hoshii kereba ageru wa
sashigeteki na yoru to iyashi no asa yooi suru ne

suikonda naka ni zatteta akuma to tenshi
osedo osedo hiki
moto ni kaeshitara
high touch !

peach !
nanigoto mo balance
otagai my pace
rhythm ni awasete

peach !
yappa isshoni iyou yo
iru beki da yo
kigen nao shite tanoshi mou you no natsu wo

hikkurikaeru ai no mark
nanbai mono power ga hitsuyou
ganbatte miseru yo

aishichau kara

aishichau kara

aishichau kara


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  1. Kert

    hi. i’m trying to learn Japanese. Can you give me any pointers? – where to start, how to learn easily. I’m already in my late teens, so I think it would already be hard to learn a new language. But I really want to learn Japanese. Can you help me? I liked hana kimi (japanese version) very much. Also, I find Japanese songs quite good. I can’t understand the words, so I’m speaking in terms of beat and tune.

  2. GoddessCarlie

    Age factor is nonsense. You can learn at any age. I started at 21. There are thousands, millions of people who learn a new language older than us. How many years did it take you to become fluent in your language? five years? ten years? Now that you have a sophisticated brain, you can easily handle harder input that your one year old self did. Your one year old self, however, had 24/7 access to English (assuming that is your native language). Give yourself time to learn Japanese (and I’m not saying all the time like some people do!) and you can learn it much faster than you did English.

    Where to start? At the beginning of course! Heh. Learn Hiragana and Katakana. I’m doing a series of posts on these at the moment. Maybe try starting here or find your own method that works. Get yourself a text book. I think this is necessary especially for beginners, just to get a basic foundation down, an introduction to how the language works. I like Japanese For Everyone – it’s cheap, and it takes you very far. It does have disadvantages, but I’m yet to find a perfect textbook anyway. Another one people like is Genki. I like JfE better, but Genki is good too. There is more focus on writing in Genki than JfE which could be good (I cover my writing skills with another resource)

    Remember, you have to walk before you can run. I think, so far, the beginning is the hardest part. Japanese isn’t hard, it’s just different to English. It is very logical, and once you learn a few patterns and start connecting what you are learning together, it suddenly makes sense and learning new words, grammar points etc – even though they are more complex, they are somehow easier.

    I have a long way to go in my Japanese journey, but I feel like I’m really getting somewhere now. Get your basics down, (but don’t stop watching TV dramas, you’ll be surprised how much you can understand and how much it reinforces your learning. Watch Hana Kimi again in three months and you’ll be surprised how many more words etc you understand!).

    I think the most important parts are:

    1. Believe you can do this. Because you can.
    2. Work at it every day. I mean every day. An Olympic swimmer spends hours every day in the pool. You can spare fifteen minutes every day to learn a bit of Japanese or even just to review.
    3. Have fun with it. If you are stuck in a rut, just watch some dramas or listen to music. Challenge yourself, try a different technique, pick up a manga and see how much you can get from it. Make sure you are having fun so that numbers one and two continue to happen!

    Hope that has been some help to you. Stick around and let us all know how your progress goes! Once a month I also post about what I’ve been up to – if I’ve been sticking to my own advice or slacking off! Here’s my March report if you are interested.

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