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Orange Days and Others

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These four months of holidays have been long, yet quick. I haven’t really achieved much in the way of moving forward with my Japanese skills, however I have been strengthening the skills I already have. Of course the drama watching continues, however I haven’t watched any of the recent dramas, even though Toma is in one! I will get to them. Instead I’ve sort of been catching up on ones that I haven’t yet seen but have wanted to. And lots of movie watching.

The most recent I’ve watched is Orange Days. It was awesome, has to be one of my favourites! It makes me want to learn sign language – Japanese sign language. :) Maybe that will be too much to handle, but I already know basics from watching the show – good morning, thank you, I understand. For those interested, I found a good site – it is in Japanese but a bit of rikaichan and common sense and it is easy to navigate. Here’s the Australian Sign Langauge site too – I know the alphabet of this from when I was a kid.

Oh, and of course I’m in love with Tsumabuki Satoshi and have a copy of the song “Shanghai Honey” by Orange Range. (0_~)


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