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Love Shuffle Ep 1

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Love Shuffle
Episode One
First Aired:
Winter 2009
Carlie’s Rating: heartheartheart

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This is about four peeps who get stuck in an elevator – it turns out they all live on the same floor. They are all a bit disgruntled with their love life and decide to get a new moral outlook – and to shuffle their romances. That is, each week they will swap partners. No keys in a bowl here, it seems like fate is decided by cards. Awwww.

The characters here are unusual which usually works for me, but some how… some how I don’t know what to think. They aren’t bland, that’s for sure, but I’m not really loving them either. The therapist’s hair makes me laugh though…

And this was strange too. I usually love strange. Peeing into cups… Really bad and old back ground music… Lame kisses that make me giggle. This should have me excited but I’m not. It some how just feels bland.

At the same time, this was more like an “intro” episode. No shuffling has taken place yet. I’m hoping the next episode will be better and will grow on me. For now, meh, I’m not so impressed but I’m not hating it either.

good Daigo’s character. Some how, out of all the characters, I think he’s my favourite.

bad It wasn’t bad, it was just a bit bland.

These guys also live in an awesome apartment complex. I would shuffle with them just to live there!!! heartheartheart


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note: tbs drama alert!


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  1. yonasu

    I’ve seen the first and the second episode and I like it so far. The lame kisses are funny though! Last time a saw a good (real) kiss in a drama was in Innocent Love ^^

  2. GoddessCarlie

    Yeah, I love lame kisses, which is why I decided while watching this to start up a gallery of lame kisses :) I’m always impressed when a “real” kiss presents itself.

  3. Heero_Yuy

    Good times…

    I love this show

    Keep watching… it get so much better. I’m on like 8.

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