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Lordi at Karaoke

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So you bet your bottom I was surprised to see Lordi, a Finnish heavy metal band who won Eurovision in 2006 (and Eurovision hasn’t been the same since) on the list of songs at my local crappy karaoke place.



They won Eurovision with their epic song Hard Rock Hallelujah. I haven’t really heard much about them since Eurovision, maybe because I didn’t care enough to look into it, it was just amusing at the time. But what is strange to me is in this karaoke joint there wasn’t just one song by Lordi, but two.



I’m not really too familiar with the song besides the easy chorus, and it’s more fun when you can sing songs that others in your group know. Also, no one else in my group are really aware of these lame Metal bands so instead I am sharing my excitement of my find with the internet. :)


Why oh why are there two songs by these guys and other perfectly awesome songs missing? Why? WHY!


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