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Liar Game – Episode 9

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Liar Game
Episode 9
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We’re onto the smuggling game, where two teams, the “Fire Country” and “Water Country”, must attempt to smuggle out money from the other’s “country”. Nao, Akiyama, Velma, Mini “Velma” Mushroom and Chick-person are all on the water team. The others plus some weird drug sniffing dude are on the fire team. Drug dude has a white wig on which scares the water team a lot. How will the water team conquer this freak?


OK, OK, I have to admit that I am enjoying this show more and more now that Nao is getting a bit more, shall we say “worldly”. The game is getting more advanced, complex, and so more exciting as well.

Nao is using her brain a bit more which is good. She’s still not going deep enough, complex enough, but then neither is the rest of the team.

I love the “Mini Mushroom” comment, and the fact that Velma admits he is “fashion conscious”. I love that this show isn’t taking itself seriously and is taking the piss out of itself.

Drug dude is weird and unpleasant.

And Akiyama! The thing that has kept me going this series. What has happened to you? Have you actually got no ideas? He spent most of the time sitting and thinking, and not taking much action. I like it when Akiyama gives me action. Does he actually not have a solution for things this time? *shock*

And then Mini “Velma” Mushroom. I should have seen it coming after the “mini mushroom” comment. Just when Velma was becoming bareable, perhaps – dare I suggest it – likeable, Mini “Velma” Mushroom turns evil and irritating. Why do things always turn to shit at the end of an episode just as I start to like it??

for Everyone working together as a team, and the fact that this show really doesn’t take itself seriously.

bad Mini “Velma” Mushroom. Drug Dude.

I’m going to give this episode three stars, this show really is getting better which is good. heart heart heart


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