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Liar Game – Episode 7

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Liar Game
Episode 7

The Restructuring Game part two. Nao takes part in a little card gambling game with Velma, and surprise surprise loses. But wait! It’s – da da da! – Akiyama man to the rescue! How will Akiyama get Nao out of this one?

A good thing about this episode is it is starting to flesh out (slightly) the game lady. No longer is she there just to read out names and “Yes”, but has added a bit more dimension to this flat show. She has her own thoughts, perhaps even betrayal, and is in fact not a fembot with machine gun boobs. Who woulda thought.

And Nao… Oh my Nao! I had a bit of a heart attack in this episode… Nao did some deceiving. Who would have thought that this would actually happen?? Sure, sure, Akiyama is still the brains, but Nao has become a little sly and cunning. I like!

bullet Nao deceiving! Akiyama being apart of Nao’s belongings.

bullet Velma is still irritating.

I’m quite surprised. I think Liar Game is finally getting better. Not great, but It’s alright.

heart heart heart


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