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Liar Game – Episode 6

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Liar Game
Episode 6

The Restructuring Game. Although it sounds like they are saying “Restore Game” in Japanese. Which is guess is also what they are doing – restoring people back to the main game so that they can play in round three. Cause yes, that is what this episode is about, getting people back into the game. I feel like I’m repeating myself and I probably am, but all well.

So how will poor Nao fair without Akiyama-sama? I’m not sure she has a brain, so perhaps this could get interesting. Or perhaps not…

When Nao gets nasty, that’s when I’ll start to like this show.

There is a difference between Nao and Akiyama even though they are both uncharacteristically nice. Who would help some strange girl in a game as dodgy as the Liar Game? Akiyama. He’s a good guy. But he’s not annoying because he has a brain. Sure, he seems very two dimensional like the rest of this show, but he’s been shown topless so that makes it all ok.

Where as Nao has no back bone, no intelligence, no personality. She was described as a deer in headlights on the Drama Addicts forum, and I think that describes her perfectly.

*sigh* And don’t get me started on Velma. He’s so unscary and pathetic. He’s just plain annoying. Give me a villain I love to hate. Please!!!

And don’t get me started on Elvis. How much more pitiful can someone be? But, to be fair, this game seems to round up the weak and pitiful and make money off their stupidity. Hell, if I had a couple of million to throw around, it’d be a good investment to make a lot more.

There was nothing new in this episode. In fact, over all it was a downer because Akiyama was featured for five seconds. At least he’ll be back next episode so he can save Nao again. heart heart


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