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Liar Game – Episode 5

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Liar Game
Episode 5

Finally Round Two concludes. Will Akiyama somehow win over Velma The Mushroom Man, No. 15 Glasses Lady and Elvis? Oh the suspense! And what will Nao do now that she is out of the game?

I love the opening sequence of this show! I will have to cut it out of an episode and post it because, I don’t know, it’s just so bouncy and…. I just like it.

They called Velma the Mushroom Man “Mushroom”! So exciting. They haven’t called him that before have they? Anyway, now we just need someone to call him Velma and my life will be complete. I wonder if he wears a wig or if his hair is really like that (but of course poofed for the show).

Oh, and it was so obvious that Glasses Gal was in Akiyama’s team. How can she not be after the obvious hot sex the two had?

Look at all the money that Akiyama wins. I guess there’s the proof that Japan really is a cash-based society. If this was America or Australia, everything would be entirely electronic. I’m sure many (most, all?) millionaires have never even seen a million in cash.

Ah, finding out who is behind the Liar Game sounds exciting. I love a good conspiracy. But for some reason they really want Nao in the game. They seem to be going out of their way to get her in. I think it is so that Akiyama doesn’t just have to think and worry about himself, but will also have to “save” Nao.

As you already know, I find this show way too verbose and the characters (besides Akiyama-san) annoying and unlikable (I want a loveable heroine and a villain we love to hate – but oh they are just irritating!) I’ll keep soldiering on, mainly for Akiyama and the hope that Nao suddenly turns bad arse and steals everyone’s money…. So, I wonder how Nao will fair in a round without Akiyama?… heart heart


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