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Liar Game – Episode 4

Posted by on May 12, 2007 in Reviews | 1 comment

Liar Game
Episode 4

Continuing the story of round 2. At the last moment Nao and Akiyama swap the way they are going to vote, and so Nao is eliminated from the game. Left are Akiyama, Scooby Doo’s Velma, No.15 Glasses Lady, and some other dude. Nao comes back to the mansion to view the final round and discovers who X really is.

LOL at the S&M joke. Good too see some humour in the otherwise bland show.

I do like Akiyama. He’s mysterious yet smart, a good combination. And not bad looking either, but he needs a hair cut. Just a little bit off. But what’s with the shirtless scene?? Not that I’m complaining. It was cut to make it look like he had sex, especially since you see his hair all ruffled. But even if it was just messy from waking up, what was he doing with his shoes on??

I admit my heart was racing a little bit in the third round, which is good, but all the anticipation and excitement was soon dissolved. Velma the Mushroom Man was just waaaay over the top and ruined any suspense or…. well, credibility of the show. As soon as he starts his little (or, long, drawn out) performance, my eyes roll back into my head. It’s the old “let me explain my plan before it’s completed – and now because I’ve explained it will inevitably go wrong” trick. Of course we knew he was the bad guy, it was all too obvious. And of course we knew that Akiyama had changed his vote so that this dick didn’t win. All the exposition in this episode could have been condensed to two minutes, instead it went on and on. The show talks down to it’s audience and that is not good.

I like Akiyama’s strategy at the end. It’s really interesting and creative. I do like Akiyama, yay for Akiyama.

I’m wondering… what happens if the last episode/game is Akiyama vs Nao and only one can win? Of course Akiyama is smarter and would win, but it would be really interesting if perhaps Nao is acting all sweet, innocent and trusting and in the end turns out to be a huge con. That would be cool.

As it is, Nao is really irritating nice. I wish we had a bit more character development. Atleast Akiyama with his flash backs has a little bit of history, but I’m hoping that’s not just there so we “understand” why he’s helping Nao. Cause that would suck. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was so, as this has felt really one dimensional so far.

I’m thinking that perhaps this show isn’t to my taste at all. i really love psychological thrillers, but this isn’t deap enough for me. I’ve never been a fan of light thrillers (unless they are really funny) but I’m thinking perhaps this is what this is. Some people seem to be enjoying it for what it is, but I can’t seem to. heart heart


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  1. Starflower135

    I feel kind of stupid, but would you mind explaining the S&M joke? and why they changed their votes?

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