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Liar Game – Episode 3

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Liar Game
Episode 3

This episode is round two of the Liar Game. Someone will ask a question and the contestants will have to answer either yes or no. The group (i.e. the yes group) with the smallest amount of people wins – minority rule. Akiyama uses his smarts to come up with a plan to make he and Nao guaranteed to win.


The show is getting a bit better. A bit. We again get to see how smart Akiyama is. Yay us. We get to see how trusting Nao still is. Groan. She still hasn’t learnt how to lie yet.

Mushroom head has made himself very suspisious – is he Mr. X or are we just being steered to think that? Well, I don’t trust anyone who looks like Velma from Scooby Doo.

Still loving the shifty cameras and the colour filters. It gives this otherwise bland show a little bit of an edge.

I’m curious about the use of English in the video. Can the average Japanese person actually read what it says – “Question: Decision of Minority”?

Anyway, it’s ok, but this series hasn’t really grabbed me. heart heart heart

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