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Liar Game – Episode 2

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Liar Game - Episode 2

Liar Game

In this episode we see the conclusion and aftermath to the first round of the Liar Game. It is also the introduction to the second round of the Liar Game. All in all it felt like a bridge episode, where nothing really happens.

Liar Game - Episode 2

The conclusion to the first round of the Liar Game came to a close in this episode. The first episode moved really quickly, a month in 30mins. So in comparison, this episode seemed to move very slowly.

We get to see how Akiyama-san managed to trick Nao’s ex-teacher into getting the 100 million yen off him. Cause, we of course new that Nao was going to win the first round. He seems to have brains that boy, but he is also so calm and composed, like he knows that everything is going to be ok.

And then we see some more to his character – he gives his half of the money to the teacher as well. We can expect Nao to give away her money, as she is a sweet little thing (sickly sweet) where as Akiyama’s character is still quite unknown. As a professional swindler, one would think that he’s in it for the money. By him giving away the money for moral reasons shows that he has compassion as a character, that there is more to why he is helping Nao than just money.

But we still have to wonder why he is ultimately helping Nao. If it’s not the money then why? I want to be suspicious of him. But, some part of me at the moment thinks he really wants to help her. Because of the flash backs he had in this episode. The tombstone said “Akiyama” so it was either a sister or wife or perhaps even mother, something happened to this woman as we can see from the flashbacks. So this must have something to do with why he is helping her.

As to the police man being somehow connected to the Liar Game, well it makes sense. In the begining Nao (I keep wanting to call her Neo like from the matrix for some reason, probably cause I’m crazy) handed in the 100 yen coin in to be returned to it’s owner – such a goody two shoes would be fun to test in the Liar Game, no?

The lead up to the second round sounds interesting. But I’m wondering, what do these people do for jobs? Anyway, maybe I’m taking it too far by asking that, lol.

Again, I like the camera filters, the camera angles, the effects they do in that regard. I think they really suit the show, give it an eerie edge to it. It makes it look cool.

Over all, it was an OK episode, but I’ve had better. heart heart heart

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