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Liar Game – Episode 10

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Liar Game
Episode 10

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Smart Akiyama-san figures out how Mini “Velma” Mushroom has been managing to win all the time – however, then scary Wig Man reveals he’s the bad guy who got his mother killed, and Akiyama breaks down. Akiyama’s smirk we all love has changed into anger and he seems to be acting irrationally. What is Nao and team going to do? What, sit back and do nothing? Surely not!


This episode explains why Akiyama was chosen to participate in the Liar Game – we always knew something way up, and probably even guessed 99% of the reason why, but here it all comes out in the open. And then Cool, calm, reserved Akiyama breaks down. Or does he? Ah, we should have known Akiyama better than to think that he would lose it!

OK, was it just me, or did Akiyama really sound like Grover the muppet when he says “Urasai!”. Maybe it was just me…

It would have been more satisfying (perhaps) if Nao had instead grown a brain and saved the day instead of Akiyama-man to the rescue again. Only one more episode to impress me Nao, you better work hard!

One pleasing thing with this episode was the ending wasn’t annoying! Wow! I almost died of shock.

good It didn’t end crappy!

bad Wasn’t much wrong with this episode I guess.

Only one more episode to go. heart heart heart


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