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Liar Game – Episode 8

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Liar Game
Episode 8

After finally lying, and now winning the Restructuring Game, Nao must somehow make some money so that she can pay off everyone. What has Akiyama got in mind? Oh, and will Nao actually start using her brain effectively? Surely not!


Akiyama is smart but ruthless. We can understand that this is because of his mother, but I hope it makes Nao so angry that she backstabs him.

So, in this episode Nao actually uses her brain, uses it independently of Akiyama, and it’s actually clever! Not only does she take the initiative, she is still using it for good. Now this is what I want to see!

And then they go ruin it at the very end. It was good, but then tooth guy comes along and says “They are going straight to Hell.” *eyeroll* Could you get any more LAME? OK, OK, Spiderman 3 was lamer, I do admit.

for Nao not only uses her brain, she uses her brain effectively and for the good of everyone.

bad The lame script.

Next up, the Smuggling Game. heart heart heart


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