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Last Friends – Episode Two – Review and Caps

Posted by on May 10, 2008 in Reviews | 0 comments

Last Friends
Episode Two
First Aired:
17th April 2008
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart heart heart
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Michiru is bullied at work on top of being harassed by her boyfriend. Eri meets up with a workmate whose wife is having an afair and he’s too chicken to do anything. There is something wrong with Ruka – perhaps she wants a sex change, perhaps she has a bladder infection. And we learn a bit more about Takeru. But not much.

Having known people who were in a similar situation to Michiru, I can really sympathise with her situation. At the same time, I’m screaming at the TV that she doesn’t need to apologise! And that she should realise that if she is feeling creeped out knowing he’s watching her from her work window then something isn’t right!!! Nothing in life is ever simple…

However, I have to say that this feels like one of the most realistic portrayals of domestic violence. The camera angles are excellent in this, really making the scene more threatening. If you don’t feel awkward watching it, I think there is something strange about you!

for The Australian movie! I haven’t seen it, but I’m pretty sure they are watching Candy. It is here we see Takeru squirm a little, but we still aren’t sure what’s up with that. I can’t wait to discover more about Takeru. Awesome to see some Australia culture there, never the less.

bad Nothing I can think of…

I really like this show. One thing I really love is the opening sequence, I feel like it is really powerful and full of symbolism. Anyway, I rate this: heart heart heart heart heart


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