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Last Friends – Episode Three – Review and Caps

Posted by on May 15, 2008 in Reviews | 6 comments

Last Friends
Episode Three
First Aired:
24th April 2008
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart heart heart
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Ruka and Takeru see Sousuke about to abuse Michiru – so her secret is out. Takeru gets an unwanted phone call, and becomes the newest member of the share house. And the cups become a pair…

During the first scene, where Ruka and Takeru see the Sousuke and Michiru incident no.34, the music felt really upbeat somehow. It was a bit distracting in some parts. Music should compliment, not be distracting! How ever, it was good to see some of the same moments of last week’s episode from a different perspective.

A bit more is revealed about Takeru’s past – not much, but enough to wet our lips.

Ruka and Michiru have a girl talk, where Michiru reveals that she has never felt loved before by anyone, until now with Sousuke. Which explains a lot of her behaviour, how ever she completely disregards everything Ruka has felt and done for her. It must have also been painful for Ruka to hear her defending him.

Takeru joins the house and he and Ruka have “pair cupts”. Very cute. We know that the cups are important, as they are featured in the opening sequence, they are a what everyone was shopping for in the first episode when the three main characters “came together” – even if they didn’t know it themselves at the time – and well, Michiru and Sousuke also have pair cups. I could go on and on. In fact, we have at the d-addicts forum.

Michiru asks for help from Ruka which is a fantastic step. She calls Ruka and says she wants to see her. Having to sneak behind your boyfriend’s back should be a warning sign, but nothing is ever clear when you are living it.

Michiru realises that she needs both Sousuke and Ruka in her life. And so she stands up for herself when Sousuke tries to forbid her to see Ruka. Yay! This was, in my opinion, a very powerful scene. It crossed between the verbal fight between Michiru and Sousuke, and a card game between the share house. Watch carefully from when Ruka gets a good card or a bad one.

In the end, you could say, Ruka wins both fights. It felt like a very powerful ending for the episode. I cried. I don’t know how anyone could not be affected by this episode. It felt like Michiru made some “progress”, some how.

good Very powerful episode.

bad Pass…

OK, you already know I liked this one. heart heart heart heart heart


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  1. vannie

    very intense drama overall!
    i watched epi 3 just yesterday.
    im loving this drama as much as you are right now [x
    ryo’s acting skills are sooooo good! [although he is evil in this drama (x]

  2. billywest

    I’ve been watching this drama, myself. I’m hoping Ruka and Sosuke will have an all-out brawl before the series is over; I do believe she’d kick his ass.

  3. billywest

    By the way, here’s an interesting piece on ‘Last Friends’ from the Mainichi Shimbun:


  4. GoddessCarlie

    Billywest, the article is interesting. I find it odd that the reviewer finds it is odd that Michiru keeps going back to him. While I can only pretend to understand why she goes back exactly, I do know that this is a common thing in DV cases and that in my own experience from someone I know that she also went back at least twice.

    I sort of got at what the writer/director/someone was trying to do with that rain scene. If someone waited in the rain for me… is that sweet, stupid or scary? Depending on the situation, it may be just a combination of sweet and stupid.

    Anyway, while Michiru can be frustrating sometimes, I do see “truth” in the way the story is going.

  5. GoddessCarlie

    I’m glad you like it Ara!

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